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Weekly Photos

These past few weeks Ive been taking photos of my tummy just to keep track and see the changes that’s happening inside and out. 

Here are fe photos Ive taken from my early weeks up to now. 

16 weeks, this was when i was still vomiting

19weeks still not prominent enough.

at 21 weeks bump is already showing.

and now, currently at week 27.


very big difference from before. He He is suddenly huge!

It has been a daily struggle of what clothes to wear, which ones still fit or not. I realized that since my tummy is growing, i can only use a certain outfit on a limited time especially for fitted ones.

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My Style

A few days ago. My Manager told me that I have a “Coachella kind of style”, not really sure about that but when I heard coachella, the first thing that went into my mind is Boho. One of my friends also told me that her sister likes my style so much, according to her she sees me in Korean style of dressing. Well, that’s two different style I guess?

Honestly, I have no particular style. I actually see my self as a conservative one in clothing myself. I don’t really wear short shorts or mini skirts or string straps. You can only count the days that I wear dresses (well except nowadays, because I am pregnant and one of the perks is you can wear dresses, of course since pants would no longer fit you. lol)

Aside from Vanessa Anne Hudgens (my ultimate style I also love  few fashion bloggers. I do get some of my style from their blogs, I check on their instagrams and see if I can copy or follow their trend but still keeping my own simple touch on it.

Here are some of my style/fashion inspirations:

First one is:





Yep, her name is Bestie! I once saw her in Bloggers united. She’s very soft spoken and cute! Her style is quirky, fun with a vintage aura on it. I like that she is very petite but every outfit she wears looks fab on her, you’ll not notice her height!hehe! If you’ll check her blog you’ll see how much she likes anchors, polka dots, florals, laces and everything dainty (just like me!). I like it in particular that she wears a lot of midriff skirts and matches it with cute tops or sweaters. She is also confessed that she buys at thrift stores for some of her outfits. I would definitely love to be her Bestie!

Another one is

She is a mom of two girls, a musician and she can sew! She creates a lot of DIY stuffs. On her blog there are different features and I like visiting her weekly wears. Who would have thought that she’s already a mom, right? What I like about her is that she is very playful when it comes to her style. She wears bright colors if she wants to and she can match everything with her hair color!




She even have tattoos and they look neat on her. For me, only few persons can wear or have a tattoo without looking like a rugged mop (peace!) and for me, she’s one of those persons! hehe! – Ive been following this blog since College days. I remember Jessica when she cut her hair like Cressida of the Hunger games, that was years ago. Her blog name is Jess loves Fred because Fred is her camera. She’s Also another thrift buyer.1370499
What I like about her is that her style is Sexy, fit, sporty and classy. How I wish my body was like hers but I can only wonder. lol

Looveee the outfit below!!


And last but not the least. The one that I just started following.. well because I am currently pregnant :

She’s been pregnant 3 times and currently on her 3rd and has just given birth. She’s been blogging about her every maternity outfit and I just wish I can have all her maternity clothes. But now that she already gave birth, I think I must find another maternity inpiration. haha!


Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset


I wish I can wear ripped jeans while pregnant, my jeans are not fitting well anymore.

I feel very appreciated and flattered whenever friends or anyone compliments the way I dress myself. I do think that it is not really about the brand or how much it costs because I just usually buy my clothes on thrift stores and I try to alter them since I know how to sew But, once you know what you really want..and you found what suits you and you are comfortable with it then go ahead. You can  have your own style without spending too much or dressing up too much 🙂 .

If you have time, visit my favorite blogs!! 🙂






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Be brilliant!

It was my very first time to attend a company Christmas party, not just a Christmas party but a very grand celebration.

The theme was to wear Gray, white or silver for the party, since I’m broke, I decided to ask my mom to just make a dress for me and she didn’t fail me. I bought the materials, designed what I wanted and viola! She was able to do the exact dress that I had in my mind.

I wore the shoes that I bought for only 300 pesos, the dress materials for 200 and the necklace for 120 pesos. I saved a lot!


I let down my hair and had it straightened up for the event because my new co-workers haven’t  seen me with that kind of hairstyle.

To be honest, I was not really able to enjoy the whole event but I like dressing up and taking photos.





At first, I thought my dress was too revealing but then, I noticed how it looked good in photos!

My day was complete because my loving boyfriend fetched me and I got home early.

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This Just in!

Finally bought new shoes for myself after so many months!! I think the last time that I bought shoes was last May, because it’s my birthday month! This time, I bought shoes that are not really the usual kinds of shoes that I would try or use, why? They are enormously high, not high priced but high heeled! Well, the other one is a wedge, but still it is, I think 5 inches high!


This is the black wedge shoes that I bought, I was looking for shoes that will match and look good with my gray dress for our Christmas party, my dress is not yet done but I’m trusting my mom to Nothing can go wrong with black shoes, so I guess, this one is a safe bet! Right?


While this one, I’m not sure what you call this kind of shoes but I love it because of the vintage vibes that it gives me. I think I can wear this with any kind of outfit, formal or not, I just have to be used to with these kinds of high heeled shoes.



Happy and contented with my new shoes! Can’t wait to use them and murder my feet! haha

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Snake Charmer

So while browsing sites of some popular fashion bloggers in Indonesia, I stumbled upon Sonia Eryka’s site.

She has a very classic kind of beauty and she somewhat reminds me of zoey deschanel and dia frampton, I noticed a bit resemblance but I’m not so sure. haha! But, that’s how I see her.
What really got me impressed with her is her stunning voice! She looks so thin and small but her voice can summon a big stage.
So I spent my 2 hours just listening to some of her youtube videos and one of them is her cover (together with her boyfriend) of Snake Charmer by Blink 182.
It was a really nice cover and I suddenly missed Blink 182.

If you want to hear her song covers just click the next button after her Make up tutorial because she had it on playlist! =)

So, Instead just listen to Blink’s version. =)

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Worth every penny

As I said, I’m always a fan of thrift stores and whenever I have money, I would make sure that I would visit any thrift store that I know. Last Tuesday, I was on a mission on finding a nice Denim Vest. But, instead I found more than what I wanted!

Since, I’m on my pursuit in finding a new job. I’m really needing a new blazer to use for interviews and other formal occassion.

So, with the help of my friend. I was able to find this:


I was also psyched when I saw a sweater that looks like what Ms. Prieto is wearing here:


photo c/o

I found this!


I almost got it right? It’s only 80 pesos!

And finally, I saw this really awesome Denim polo, which I almost did not buy because I was eyeing another striped polo but good thing, I changed my mind.


It’s really cool! Bought it for only 80 pesos too! What a deal!

I’m excited to use it, got some idea from


I used to spend too much on clothes and now that I know better, Thanks to thrift stores!

Ciao! Until the next shopping thrift, uh I mean trip! =)

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Hair dipping

Every year, I try to make sure that I do something for the first time may it be something big or just a simple one. This year was my first time to dye/color my hair. The first time was last January at a salon, the changes were not really that massive. And I made sure that the color will be as natural as possible because my Mother would really freak out if my hair will turn out to be super light blonde or lighter. I don’t want it either. I’m not a Western person so Yellow Blonde or lighter color would never suit me well.

The second time that I dyed my hair was just this April, since going to a salon would be really uncomfortable and expensive!hehe! I asked my two close friends to dye my hair. I bought a Loreal Hair color I chose Mahogany. I still have my light brownish hair at that time but who cares? I still pursued coloring it Mahogany with the help of those two friends of mine. The end result was darker! I think, it came back to dark brown or something. So, I guess, mixing mahogany and light brown will turn to dark brown hair color.

And just recently, 2 days ago, again I tried dyeing my hair and this time my other bestfriend Kae, she also wants to try a new hair color. We were really digging to have an Ombre hair but it’s a lot of work because we also need a bleaching agent for that and we had no time left. It’s her first time! We took the risk of coloring our hair. I chose copper blonde and she chose Light Blonde. Never thinking about the consequences of it. =))

Viola! Now, here’s  the end result of our obscenity. Not exactly what I expected but just what I wanted. Not massive but still quirky.

Best viewed under the sun or light. =)

For those who wants to color their hair, I would really recommend to go to the Salon, however if you’re a little short.. you can do it on your own but just be sure to keep your hair healthy because Hair dye can make your hair really dry. You have to keep it well conditioned and nourished.

*We are not professionals. We just do it for fun and experience! =)

Never be afraid to try something new.

If one is forever cautious, can one remain a human being?  ~Aleksander Solzhenitsyn