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Weekly Photos

These past few weeks Ive been taking photos of my tummy just to keep track and see the changes that's happening inside and out.  Here are fe photos Ive taken from my early weeks up to now.     16 weeks, this was when i was still vomiting    19weeks still not prominent enough.    at… Continue reading Weekly Photos

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My Style

A few days ago. My Manager told me that I have a "Coachella kind of style", not really sure about that but when I heard coachella, the first thing that went into my mind is Boho. One of my friends also told me that her sister likes my style so much, according to her she… Continue reading My Style

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Snake Charmer

So while browsing sites of some popular fashion bloggers in Indonesia, I stumble upon Sonia Eryka's site. She has a very classic kind of beauty and she somewhat reminds me of zoey deschanel, I noticed a bit resemblance but I'm not so sure. haha! But, that's how I see her. What really got me impressed with her is her stunning voice! She looks so thin and small but her voice can summon a big stage. So I spent my 2 hours just listening to some of her youtube videos and one of them is her cover (together with her boyfriend) of Snake Charmer by Blink 182. It was a really nice cover and I suddenly missed Blink 182. Enjoy!