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Weekend bonding

Since I got pregnant and since I still live with my parents and so is Bryan it has been our weekly habit that he would spend his weekends with us. Last night was a bit unexpected as our parents met for the first time. It was a quick encounter and it was only my mom… Continue reading Weekend bonding

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Best ones

So yesterday was supposed to be my appoinment with my OB but she had to cancel her clinic yesterday for a close monitoring patient who's in labor. However, in the afternoon i had a scheduled meet up with my highschool best friends Irene and Michelle, since it was also Irene's birthday we granted her wish… Continue reading Best ones

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Food buddy

Eversince my skin and eyes started to clear up (from my seborrheic dermatitis which i haven't blogged about yet) and my mood and appetite came back. Bryan and I have been eating a lot for these past 2-3 weeks. Those weeks that I followed a strict diet of fruits and veggies he as well tried… Continue reading Food buddy

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Fun Rider

Yesterday was a another fun time with my friends. After going back to our office to get my last salary, we, together with Karen and Vaey went to Glorietta to eat out and just to wander around and look for clothes and Vaey went to Nokia center to get her phone fixed. Later that day,… Continue reading Fun Rider

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Food fight in my mind

Don't get me wrong! =) Lately, I've been eating a lot. I eat when I'm hungry and I eat even more when I'm not hungry. Whenever I'm stressed I eat and when I'm hungry I get really grumpy and snob. Since, I been staying all day in our house, I tend to open the fridge… Continue reading Food fight in my mind

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All Filipino Food Restaurant

So, I went out again with my two closest friends, namely Irene and Michelle. Irene and I were so hungry so we we're looking for a nice restaurant to eat at. Since we both want to try something new. We went to KKK, actually it's my first time to hear that restaurant. I have no… Continue reading All Filipino Food Restaurant

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Milk tea time

Here in the Philippines, Milk tea is becoming a real trend. You can see new Milk tea stalls and franchises everywhere. They are like mushrooms that sprout anywhere! And since Kae is not really a big fan. I asked her to try it for the first time. I'm not a fan either but once I liked… Continue reading Milk tea time