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Ukulele lesson

So last Christmas, my boyfriend (soon to be my Husband :)) surprised me with a Ukulele. I know, some girls might receive make ups, clothes, branded bags, jewelries or shoes but I got a cute little Ukulele.

I can still remember when I saw Kierra Folsom’s youtube video with her playing Ukulele to the song of Drake’s best I ever had. Totally, fell in love with her and that’s when I thought, hmm “I want a Ukulele!”. Things got busy and I forgot about it, even though there are tons of Musical Instrument Stores near our house. I just got no time to check them out and buy one.

Years before, I used to play Banduria, I joined a Rondalya group in our school because I really want to learn how to play the Guitar but the time that I signed up, there is already no available slot for Guitar players and I settled for Banduria. Didn’t really hate it but, all throughout the experience, I learned a lot.Met alot of friends and enjoyed performing and competing with our groups. Ahh I missed those days.

And now that I got a Ukulele, so excited to learn new stuff, still adjusting though. Because as you know, strumming using Banduria is totally different from strumming a Guitar or a Ukulele. I need to learn more. Though I am so busy nowadays, plus the all day sickness that I’m feeling, I’m really trying my best to try and play each chords if not everyday, well weekly or every weekend i have. 🙂


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Up all night

I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.
Vincent Van Gogh 

I’ve been planning this meet up for quite some time now, I really wanted my two friends (Ydelan and Karen) to get to know each other. After work, I hurried myself to MOA, for the meet up and it was really funny how we saw each other.

We watched This Guy’s inlove with you Mare, the last full show, Ydelan was hesitated at first but he had no choice but to watch it with us. It was super funny, the cinema was full of laughter all throughout the movie. It was a good choice!

The movie ended at around 12:30 and while we were walking out of the mall, we saw Timezone and played a bit, so around 1am.. we decided to go home. But, on our way to the passengers area, I suddenly asked them to drink and just chill out since it was also very late, without questions, they entertained my idea and agreed.

I was also feeling so devastated because of work, my family and about the Sign that I’ve been waiting but still nothing, not a single shadow of it. I’m really depressed, that’s why I decided to drink and just forget about it. I don’t usually drink, I’m not a drinker but, since I was with my two trusted friends, I thought that it was a good idea to drink that night.

My boyfriend was texting me and I was running out of battery so I just told him that we decided to go and drink. He did not hover and said that he will go too. It was really an unexpected night but it turned out super crazy and fun!

We went to Music 21, and stayed there singing, eating and drinking until 5 in the morning.



Too bad, I was not able to bring my camera. All photos were taken using Biggs’ camera phone.



We I really had fun because I am a frustrated singer ! LOL..  After that, we went near the bay because Karen was insisting the we should see the Sunrise.

What happened was another first time for me. I was really sober the next day but it’s all okay. =)

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Beautiful Surprise

I’m feeling calmer and undisturbed today, all because of this song. I heard this last week but I just had time to look it up.
I think, it’s time to have a break from feeling restless and mad.

What I like about this is that is has some 90’s vibes in it. It sounded like one of those RnB 90’s song. I also liked Tamia from her song “So Into you”. She has a sweet and soulful voice.

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Snake Charmer

So while browsing sites of some popular fashion bloggers in Indonesia, I stumbled upon Sonia Eryka’s site.

She has a very classic kind of beauty and she somewhat reminds me of zoey deschanel and dia frampton, I noticed a bit resemblance but I’m not so sure. haha! But, that’s how I see her.
What really got me impressed with her is her stunning voice! She looks so thin and small but her voice can summon a big stage.
So I spent my 2 hours just listening to some of her youtube videos and one of them is her cover (together with her boyfriend) of Snake Charmer by Blink 182.
It was a really nice cover and I suddenly missed Blink 182.

If you want to hear her song covers just click the next button after her Make up tutorial because she had it on playlist! =)

So, Instead just listen to Blink’s version. =)

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Soul in music

Lately, I’ve been listening to classic (not that classic) or maybe those 90’s RnB and soul music. Oh! How I miss those days! Those kinds of music back then were really popular and what most people enjoy listening to. I think, that’s one of the few things I like about 90’s (aside from being much younger), the music. I like rock and alternative kind of music most especially but I just can’t ignore and can’t help but listen to RnB music.

That time, I really enjoy listening to Rnb especially to Ja rule, Mariah Carey, Ashanti, Jennifer Lopez, Destiny’s child, TLC, Boyz2men and Aaliyah. Whenever I hear them, various memories are filling up my mind and I can’t help but sing a long and smile. =)

If you’re a 90’s baby, I’m sure you can definitely sing a long to these kinds of songs.

“Music does bring people together. It allows us to experience the same emotions. People everywhere are the same in heart and spirit.”

What’s your favorite 90’s music?