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Ukulele lesson

So last Christmas, my boyfriend (soon to be my Husband :)) surprised me with a Ukulele. I know, some girls might receive make ups, clothes, branded bags, jewelries or shoes but I got a cute little Ukulele. I can still remember when I saw Kierra Folsom's youtube video with her playing Ukulele to the song… Continue reading Ukulele lesson

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Up all night

I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day. --Vincent Van Gogh¬† I've been planning this meet up for quite some time now, I really wanted my two friends (Ydelan and Karen) to get to know each other. After work, I hurried myself to MOA, for the meet… Continue reading Up all night

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Anything could happen

If ever I'll encounter or be in a zombie apocalypse.. I would definitely choose this song to be my soundtrack or background music. I don't usually listen to these kinds of music but I find this one really refreshing. Ellie Goulding is just so effortless, I saw her Lights music video and she's really a star. She can dance and she's got a unique voice.

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Beautiful Surprise

I'm feeling calmer and undisturbed today, all because of this song. I heard this last week but I just had time to look it up. I think, it's time to have a break from feeling restless and mad. What I like about this is that is has some 90's vibes in it. It sounded like one of those RnB 90's song. I also liked Tamia from her song "So Into you". She has a sweet and soulful voice.

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Snake Charmer

So while browsing sites of some popular fashion bloggers in Indonesia, I stumble upon Sonia Eryka's site. She has a very classic kind of beauty and she somewhat reminds me of zoey deschanel, I noticed a bit resemblance but I'm not so sure. haha! But, that's how I see her. What really got me impressed with her is her stunning voice! She looks so thin and small but her voice can summon a big stage. So I spent my 2 hours just listening to some of her youtube videos and one of them is her cover (together with her boyfriend) of Snake Charmer by Blink 182. It was a really nice cover and I suddenly missed Blink 182. Enjoy!