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Summer Team building

My Team has been requesting for a summer outing for the longest time already. So last weekend, we finally went on our first ever Team building in Candelaria, Zambales. One of my members suggested that we choose Puerto del Mar as they offer a Boat ride going to Potipot Island. So since I am 26… Continue reading Summer Team building

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Tan skin and crazy days

We've already planned this getaway for months now and finally the day has arrived. I was so tired from my duty but I still managed to prepare for our trip to Bolinao that night. It was only me and Vaey, we almost thought that Lancy would not make it on time but luckily she did!… Continue reading Tan skin and crazy days

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One day at the Villa

Last Sunday, I went out with my two best buds to Grand Villa at Laguna, to use the Voucher that we bought online. It's been scheduled a month a go but we were not able to go because of some unexpected circumstances. This time, we already had the chance but unfortunately we were late. We… Continue reading One day at the Villa

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Solely within the province

If you are really a close friend of mine, you know that my Province is in Roxas city, Capiz. I know, it's unusual to know someone who's from Capiz. Here in the Philippines, Capiz is very popular when it comes to seafoods. The abundance of marine life makes Roxas City the "Seafood Capital of the Philippines."  It is… Continue reading Solely within the province

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When the sun gets hot everything gets hazy

When the sun gets hot everything gets hazy

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Going back

This is my third time at Ecopark and this time, we decided to try something new! We tried fishing and we went to the Butterfly haven. We were supposed to Wall climb but it was so hot and we're already sweaty walking around so what more if we try to climb a wall. I was… Continue reading Going back

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Meet me where the Sun is the brightest

Meet me where the Sun is the brightest

Saturday afternoon in an Island in the sun somewhere in the Philippines.