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Random Thoughts: Flirting or Cheating?

Well, would you be fine with your Special someone flirting with other girls? Some women may say that 'oh its okay as long as nothing physical happens',  'he is like that to everyone', 'its nothing serious'. With these,  some might accept the fact that their husband or boyfriend is just a little flirty. But come… Continue reading Random Thoughts: Flirting or Cheating?

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50 Questions

As I have always wanted, my blog has been and will always be as personal as possible. I do not even share this to my other social media accounts as I would want to keep all my rants and thoughts away from those people that I know. Away from criticism and unsolicited advises especially from… Continue reading 50 Questions

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Ma Mum..

Last night I came home and saw my son. He was so excited to see me, he started crying and trying to babble words.. he's been saying "Mum mum ma mum", I do not know if he really meant something like Mommy or Mom but the syllables and sound made me extra happy that I… Continue reading Ma Mum..

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Where are those days?

Since when did I become possessive, pointless, too controlling, jealous pain in the ass? It's official, I've fallen to a lower state. Right now, I'm feeling so disgusted with myself, especially when I saw that video post about the overly attached girlfriend. Sad to say, but I have to admit that I was a little… Continue reading Where are those days?

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Have you been sunkissed?

Summer is like the ultimate one-night stand.. hot as hell, totally thrilling, and gone before you know it. It's the end of the month of May. It's raining tonight and summer is over. Class will start soon and I think, for students it's back to their normal boring and stressful school life.  Summer is already over… Continue reading Have you been sunkissed?

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What comes next?

“There are a lot of things in my life right now that are undecided. And that used to scare me, but I kind of like the idea that it’s just all kind of wide open.” — Gilmore Girls Life is unfair to me nowadays, I think. It's already the middle of the year and I… Continue reading What comes next?

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What if?

What if I never met you? What if I never saw you ? What if I remained silent? What if I stayed adoring you from afar? What if I never took that picture? What if I declined you? What if I never gave you a chance? What if you never cheated? What if you chose… Continue reading What if?