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Fiesta Feast

Last weekend, we went to Bryan’s hometown in Pampanga. Not really his hometown but rather to his Father’s. He insisted that I should come because he wants me to meet his relatives there.

The travel was not that long.. we left the house at around 10am and came there at lunch time. There were a lot of people, I do not know them but I kept on asking for their hands to “Mano” (a gesture used in Filipino culture performed as a sign of respect to elders). I met his cousins and aunts which were all very accommodated. After eating we all went to their room and some of us slept because most of us are really tired and was not able to sleep well or have no sleep at all due to their work (I had only a few hours of sleep because Mason keeps on moving until 3am! I even tried to wake Bryan up but he is too sleepy)

After a few hours of sleep, we all went to the nearby Church the San Isidro Labrador church to Pray (no mass when we came). Then, we went to another house of their relative for our Dinner. There were a lot of different dishes and all were delicious.

It was a very hot, tiring but full day. I am happy that I was able to meet his relatives. I hope someday, I would be able to bring him to Capiz as well to meet my big family tree soon with Mason ūüôā

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Summer Team building

My Team has been requesting for a summer outing for the longest time already. So last weekend, we finally went on our first ever Team building in Candelaria, Zambales. One of my members suggested that we choose Puerto del Mar as they offer a Boat ride going to Potipot Island.

So since I am 26 weeks pregnant, I needed to bring my Boyfriend as a chaperone and to assist me with all the fuss of traveling. This is quite a good idea since he hasnt been out of their house for the longest time, he is too busy for work. Also, this will be our first outing with the baby boy.

I didn’t had the chance to take photos inside the Resort but¬† the rooms and the cottages are well cleaned and looks decent enough. Also, the sand is not white so I waited til our Potipot tour to take some photos. (Oh how I miss white sand and the beach!)

Here are some of the photos I took:

This was our boat ride going to Potipot. The boys are in another boat and it took them a long time to get to Potipot, we have to wait for them since their boat is having some issues with the machine.



Touchdown Potipot. While waiting for the boat of the Boys, we took some photos.


Of course, I always do photos with me showing my back (Lol) Just kidding! I just think that this pose is a bit dramatic and the details of my dress, bag and hat are so cute in back view!heh!


Strolling around the Island..


took some photos of the souvenirs and accessories because they are so colorful!



Actually Potipot is just a small Island and when we were there, a lot of people are also there so it is a bit crowded. But still, the view is worthwhile.


Boat docks.



Of course, I didn’t miss the opportunity to take solo photos as this will be my last outing this summer before I start my Third Trimester.


and Biggs’ solo shots too. I didn’t see him for two weeks and upon seeing him during our outing.. I was surprised that he gained a lot of weight!!! haha! Dad Bod is it!

Some of my members said that we look exactly alike. What do you think? haha! Since we will be having a baby boy, I would want our little one to look like him. I do not trust my face.

Here’s the group Picture!


The outing is just from Friday night to Sunday morning. A bit short but nevertheless at least got to spend time and bond outside the office.

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Best ones

So yesterday was supposed to be my appoinment with my OB but she had to cancel her clinic yesterday for a close monitoring patient who’s in labor. However, in the afternoon i had a scheduled meet up with my highschool best friends Irene and Michelle, since it was also Irene’s birthday we granted her wish to go to Venice Piazza in Taguig because she wants to see it so much. I’ve never seen it as well only in pictures so we went. 

The structures are well designed just like the Real Grand Canal. Although we still cannot ride the boats, the view were already enough for the time being. Its also good that we went there on a Thursday as it is not overcrowded. 

I took a few candid photos..

Well this one, is not candid because i asked them to walk towards me like im a paparazzi wannabe. lol

It turned out well and legit!haha!

Of course I had a few solo shots.. I don want to waste the view.

My tummy is already showing!

after that we were so hungry we went straight to Resorts World to eat at Ichiba, too bad they’re out  of Ramen, nevertheless we still enjoyed  the food and time together. 



happy birthday chucks! 

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The first!

Just a few weeks ago, I went on my first out of country vacation in Malaysia! Before the scheduled date.. I was already feeling giddy and excited! Actually the whole trip was booked and planned just for a month, everything was very spontaenous.

Why Malaysia? First of, my bestfriend is currently working there and has been telling to go there for the longest time and second would be because my travel buddy Karen found a seat sale flight going to Malaysia and her cousin lives there.

The itinerary (made by Karen! what would i do without her?) was intended for our very short duration only. Initial day was a visit to Malacca, I’ve seen a lot of my friends go or had gone to Malaysia, and im seeing the same pictures (not that im complaining) but yeah, everyone wants to see the Well renowned Petronas Tower, Batu Caves and Genting (which we did not go to,hopefully nxt time) but Malacca is something of a fresh air because not everyone has had the chance to go there. For those who’s not aware, Malacca is a Unesco world heritage site. A state rich with Historical background and alive culture.

Here’s a few photos that we had from our short trip to Malacca/Melaka.

¬† Everyone’s favorite photo spot!

Who would’ve thought that somewhere in this place, there is a Huge Wall Art.
  This is inside the Museum btw.
  The famous JONKER WALK. A very long street to walk.  The colorful Transportation in Malacca
  Bicycles for rent! Karen wants to try but I am wearing a skirt so I insisted not.

These photos are mostly from the Main City itself, as you can see the structures are all the same. Since this is a personal blog and not a travel blog, i wont be detailing on how we got ¬†to Malacca (just so you know, my geographical senses is below average!hehe so I’d rather not). However, the travel time from KL to Malacca is approximately 2 hours by Bus. Our whole trip was a very quick and tiring one. If you would really want to explore the whole City, I’d recommend you have to stay there for atleast 2 days and one night to fully visit every Landmark. What I loved about this place is that they offer the best spices I’ve ever tasted. You see, I used to eat a lot of spicy foods, but then when I started having Acid Reflux and gastro issues, I begun to minimize my intake. However, going to this place (actually not only Malacca but Malaysia itself) did not stop me from trying all their spicy foods and sauces. Also, the people are very accommodating and kind. Another one for the books!

Will be sharing my KL tour next post!

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Heritage resort

Lo and behold because this post will be All about pictures of our recent day tour at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. Ive been hearing a lot of good feedbacks with this place, so I came to see for myself. The travel time was a bit long and tiring but the view was definitely worth it. 











From what i heard during the tour, this place will cater to all the Apec summit attendees. Im sure they will all be in awe once they see how lovely this place is. 

There are still new and ongoing structures and  looking forward to seeing them when I get back. Im sure I will. 

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2013 goals

These past few years, I seem to just settle for things that will go my way, I tend to get used to the things that I do everyday, without even having s main goal or objectives of what I want and what I want to have. This year, I want to fulfill at least some of them.I want to have a very productive year, skill wise and money matter. To have the things that I want and to do the things that I love.

So, here are my 2013 goals (not resolutions) to have and to do:

> To be able to budget and save money. To not forget to keep up with my savings every month.

> To be more health aware and insist my parents to visit the doctor every time that we have.

> To be able to spend time with my parents and to at least let them go and eat out.

> To be able to maintain and control my anger.

> To buy myself a new cellphone (I really want to have an instagram account!!), or maybe wait for my brother to buy me one! hah! =))) Keeping my fingers crossed.

> To buy (my long time wish!)¬†a DSLR, I’ve been craving to have this, for the longest time!

> To travel, away from the country.

> To be able to study and keep my nursing mind updated!

I know, it will be very hard, since I want to save money and yet, I want to buy material things, travel and to study. I hope, I can do and buy everything. Goodluck! Cheers for 2013! This will be my year! Let’s go!

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Tan skin and crazy days

We’ve already planned this getaway for months now and finally the day has arrived. I was so tired from my duty but I still managed to prepare for our trip to Bolinao that night. It was only me and Vaey, we almost thought that Lancy would not make it on time but luckily she did!

I was so wasted, I’ve been tossing and turning on my bus seat but I can’t seem to find a way to sleep comfortably. Ended with me, feeling so sleepy all throughout the getaway.

When we got to the Beach, I was in awe because I did not expect that it would look so majestic. The sand was so white, and they’re like tiny molecules floating in your hands. The water did not fail us too! It was so clear and overwhelming. It makes me wish that I can stay there longer.










I felt like it was summer, the only difference was that there’s only a few people enjoying the scene and sand. I would love to go back here with some of my friends, maybe family members or loved ones. All the¬†exhaustion¬†were worth it!

Sometimes, all it takes is a nice place with the company of your dear friends!