6 years of blogging

Yeppp My blog is now 6 years old! I must say that this blog has helped me so much in all aspect of my life. Some people share their blogs and posts online, but for me, this blog is more of my personal diary, that's why I try as much as possible to filter and… Continue reading 6 years of blogging


Stuck with Him

One day, when I was feeling as if I would prefer to simply slip over to the other side and not exist any longer, the thought struck me: I was being released of an enormous burden. I do not want to be released of the burden. I had not even had full conscious knowledge that… Continue reading Stuck with Him

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Fresh Air: What the truth feels like

Prior to what I found out months ago. For the past years, I had been feeling doubtful about him, about his feelings for me and mostly about our relationship. I always felt like something is missing, like there is some hindrance or vast of ocean that separates us both emotionally and physically. I have always… Continue reading Fresh Air: What the truth feels like

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2017: A look back

i was reading my 2018 horoscope overview and realized if my 2017 horoscope somehow come close on what was perceived prior 2017, funny that somehow the predictions were close to it, but yes! I do believe in zodiac signs and horoscopes or how the sun, moon, stars and planets aligned and its effects on someone’s… Continue reading 2017: A look back