Quick post: Comment allez vous?

I’ve been always wanting to update this blog but I can’t seem to find any motivation until now.

Last year, I remembered that I wrote my goals and found out that I was only able to cross out the “new phone” part. This year, I am very determined to do a lot of things. So help me. LOL

To start off, I’ve been eating alot for the last year and I can definitely feel and see that I’m gaining a lot of weight. This be said, you already knew my goal. Yep, it’s to lose weight! To begin my year, I already started my diet. Not really “diet”, but I started to cut off or to stop eating RICE during dinner time/at night. I can still eat or rather I still eat rice during breakfast and lunch but not during dinner time. At dinner, I usually eat: oats, fruits most specially bananas, sometimes cereals or bread/wheat bread. I must say I’m getting used to it. I’m on my 3rd week now and I can feel (I just hope this is not me hallucinating) that I’m starting to lose weight. Hopefully, I can continue this not only for months but for years.

Last year, I got a chance to talk to one of my bestest friends and we both agreed that we want to learn a new language for the coming year. So, we enrolled at UP and took MANDARIN (for her) and FRENCH for me. If you will ask me, why I chose French (yes, as you can see in my title).. well, I am definitely sure of one thing, I am not interested in Mandarin! hehe. Anyway, I got a lot of workmates who knew FRENCH/FRENCH MAJOR and I guess I was just fascinated. Last Saturday was our first day and I must say I was nervous at first but it was totally interesting. I get psyched whenever I learn or hear a new French word. I guess that’s a great way to start!

Aside from those things, of course it is still my priority to Save money (Savings). Also, I want to go out of Country for a vacation or even try applying for a job (if there’s an opportunity). Moreover, I want to start a clothing business. The latter part is quite blurry and I still don’t know when and how to start. =( Keeping my fingers crossed for that.

As for now, I guess that’s all that I want to work out for this year. I will definitely update this.