Call the shots

Time just flew by me and voila! Itโ€™s already March. ๐Ÿ˜Š

As much as I want to be consistent in updating this Blog. It is just hard to do. Work has been overwhelming, I am pretty much occupied with the Project that we are working on. How I wish this ends soon but I really do not have any clue on how and when will this end.

January was disappointing, and February is a mix of extremes as well. I am very much concerned and worried about this NCOV-19 Global spread. Numbers of cases keep on adding up daily and it has become the scare of the year already. ย Weโ€™re suppose to have our first family Out of town this year (July) but I am really scared about this. Iโ€™m scared for my son and most especially my parents. I just wish everything will be stable and cases would minimize and recover soon. Let us all pray for this to end.

We also got worried and stressed with how Mason is acting up at school. Heโ€™s becoming defiant and wonโ€™t even sit still. He keeps on saying No to everything. He follows instructions when its just us but at school, heโ€™s a runner, like really, I mean it. Heโ€™s keeps on running and wonโ€™t sit down for any activity. He would at times but only when he likes to. His dad and I got really concerned that we had to implement new rules in the house and some changes in how we discipline him.

On a more personal note, February was also a very productive Month for me, and for us. We celebrated Valentines day by eating out as a family and opening our First Joint account. We also opened up MP2 investment and I guess, everything is going according to plan in terms of our plan to save up. I am so proud at how good he is doing in saving and preparing for our plans. Iโ€™m just keeping my fingers crossed and hope for the best. I have asked him to follow LAW OF ATTRACTION and we put our Long term Goals on our Refrigerator so we can see it everyday ๐Ÿ˜Š. How do you keep track of your Goals?

And ohhhh I also lost weight by Intermittent Fasting, I actually started late November last year and I tried to follow the plan through December but it was really hard due to the celebrations for Christmas and New year. January came and I still am losing some weight until February (although I am not clean eating, thereโ€™s still some sweets and lots of carbs) But I am really in awe that I was able to maintain my current weight which is 50-51kg (From almost 60kg). A lot of my friends also noticed the changes and I plan to clean eat hopefully this Month.

Its only March and we are already progressing with the Financial goals and my Weight Goal.

I hope that this summer, Iโ€™ll be able to pursue my plan of learning how to sew and more online learning. Iโ€™ll add teaching Mason more as well this summer.



Hello 2020!!

Almost 5 months since my last update and upon opening my WordPress. I found that I have been journaling my life for 8 years now. Happy Anniversary studdedthoughts!!

It’s amazing how time flies but what’s more amazing is how much we have changed. (Think back to 2010—and boom mind blown!!)

But to be honest, I am a bit disappointed with my 2019 self, a lot of my Goals did not come into fruition and I lack the discipline to do them. I got really careless (about money) and stress really took over me especially for the last few months of the year.

Looking back in 2019. Definite highlight would be when I went to Japan!!! Although I did not go with my family, it was something memorable because it’s my first time to go without my son and it’s also my first travel out of the country since I had Mason. One thing that made me really happy and proud would be the accomplishments done by my partner. He was really productive this year and although I lack productiveness. I felt like what he have accomplished is my accomplishments as well so somehow it feels like it is still a win-win situation.

Well, 2020 welcomed me with a BANG!! Like really a Bang of negativity!!! I lost my phone last weekend and this wrecked my budget for the year. I needed to buy a new phone and the hassle and late night thinking got me super stressed.ย  Although this is not the best way to enter the year I am still looking forward for 2020.

I have a lot of things going on recently (well mostly at work though) but in my mind I have tons of things that I really really want to do.

Thinking about my GOALS.. I would like to focus more on saving enough money, learning how to sew, attending online classes and losing weight. These are the specific Goals that I would like to prioritize for this year.


Wish me luck!!!