There she goes

I’ve been struggling a lot these past few days. It’s all because of our new TL who used to be our manager but got demoted, not just because our TL resigned but maybe because of her out of this world attitude.
I can’t even imagine how she got into this kind of position with that kind of character. When she was still our Manager, all the TL’s hated her and now that she’s our TL, we don’t have any choice but to communicate with her. I was the one who really got affected by this, I was the team’s POC and I don’t like talking to her, she just got an awful attitude that I can’t handle. I do believe in the saying that you will be treated by the way you act or the way you treat the other person. And she acts like a total bitch and I can’t help but to be a bitch to her. I know that she’s my TL, her position is higher than me but the way she treats us is not like a professional person.

I’m just so fed up with her. I tried not giving a crap about her but I there are still times that I need to talk to her because of work. I’m just so happy that have a lot of friends at work who’s at my back and I know that whatever happens they will be on my side.