Tan skin and crazy days

We’ve already planned this getaway for months now and finally the day has arrived. I was so tired from my duty but I still managed to prepare for our trip to Bolinao that night. It was only me and Vaey, we almost thought that Lancy would not make it on time but luckily she did!

I was so wasted, I’ve been tossing and turning on my bus seat but I can’t seem to find a way to sleep comfortably. Ended with me, feeling so sleepy all throughout the getaway.

When we got to the Beach, I was in awe because I did not expect that it would look so majestic. The sand was so white, and they’re like tiny molecules floating in your hands. The water did not fail us too! It was so clear and overwhelming. It makes me wish that I can stay there longer.










I felt like it was summer, the only difference was that there’s only a few people enjoying the scene and sand. I would love to go back here with some of my friends, maybe family members or loved ones. All the exhaustion were worth it!

Sometimes, all it takes is a nice place with the company of your dear friends!

Ligpo Island

Last year, I went to Ligpo Island in Batangas for a summer getaway with my elementary friends with their University friends. I decided to come with them even though I did not know most of their college friends because I haven’t been to Batangas, it’s for free and it’s an Island. What a deal right? hehe

Here are some of the pictures:



These are the pictures I’ve taken while riding the boat going to the Island



It was also my first time to hold and touch a real starfish (I’m not sure if it’s still alive or not)


And also my first time to snorkle! I was really scared because I don’t know how to swim but my friends guided me.


I should have tied my hair. I know. 

Ligpo Island, Batangas is not that popular because it was also my first time to hear that name. But the Island is truly a nice place, an amazing vacation spot for families and friends.

To know more about it, you can check their site: http://www.ligpoisland.com/

Have you been sunkissed?

It’s the end of the month of May. It’s raining tonight and summer is over. Class will start soon and I think, for students it’s back to their normal boring and stressful school life.  Summer is already over and I’m a bit devastated because I  was not able to fully enjoyed it, all I’ve experienced was the intense summer heat. I did not go swimming and even go out of town. I wasted another summer.

I miss the days when summer vacation was about relaxing and hanging out with friends. Now it’s all about working and squeezing your friends in when you can.='(

What did you do this summer?