Define Success

What is success for you? We all strive for success but what does it really mean to us when we talk about success?
There can be different notions of success but I guess the most common definition of success is when people see it on the outside. Not just how you look but what you were able to build and achieve over a long period of time.

Most people tag success as someone who is a manager, boss, has a car, a house and lot and someone who is financially wealthy.
Someone who owns somethings expensive, a business or even someone famous.

But lets not forget that we make our own definitions of success, we can also create goals that does not include money or fame. Oftetimes we forget that this is not all and that there is something beyond these statutes, wealth and rewards. Sure there are a lot who aims to be rich or famous but these people usually end up being more miserable because of greed and selfishness.

It is sad to know that we live in a world where someone’s importance is measured in what he or she has achieved in life and not looking into what the person has gone through and what is the genuine goal for this. Honestly, if you define professional achievements, financial wealth and fame as success then you are living in another person’s perspective. This is everywhere, especially on social media, and seeing these posts, alters our mind into thinking and setting up that these is what success looks like.

Success is more than just the money and fame. Success is also when you  stop comparing yourselves to other people. Success happens when you follow your passion. Success can also be overcoming self doubts, saying yes and no to the right things, getting back up after a failure, happiness, getting and giving respect, having time, showing up and even being with someone you love.

Its not bad to aim to be wealthy, famous or be professionally respected, especially if this is how you would want your “success” to be defined like everybody else. But just remember that there are more definitions of success that you can think of and you should not be trapped in a box of these wonders. Look out there and you’ll see that beyond these accolades, what’s more important is what you feel inside. 😉

Looking back, I realized that this desire for “success” was nothing more than the manifestation of insecurity about my sense of self and place in the world especially as a young adult. And now that I am a parent and older, I can say that my definition of success really changed.
What about you what is your definition of success?

Kindness 2020

For the past months I keep on seeing a lot of acts of kindness posts. I am not the kindest person but I do get a little empathetic towards situations and people at times too.

This year has been extra hard not only for me but for everyone. Not in my lifetime have I imagined that this will happen and to add to this pandemic there were a lot of other political, mental and natural disasters that happened and it has taken a lot of our emotions into a roller coaster ride.

But amidst all these, I always feel awe whenever I see simple acts of kindness whether in person or online (but mostly online since I dont really go out) these little sparks of kindness can really go a long way. And one movie that always comes in my mind whenever I see these stories is “pay it forward” a movie from Year 2000.

The movie’s tag line is “whenever someone does you a favor, dont pay it back, pay it forward”. If you havent watched this movie, then you should. Trevor(the boy main character) does a favor for three people, asking each of them to “pay the favor forward” by doing favors for three other people, and so on, along a branching tree of good deeds. Imagine if we all do this, (passing kindness around)I bet the world will be somehow easier to live in.

I think paying it forward is a good act to teach a child. It looks simple but the impact is truly be remarkable.

What are your simple acts of kindness experiences during this pandemic?

Quick post: The ‘ber’ months

Yep its here. We are here. Hello to the first day of September. Did you feel any difference at all? 😂

Who would have thought that we’ll be welcoming the much awaited ‘ber’ months while on quarantine? During this time of the year, I would usually scroll and look at my calendar trying to fit every reunion, out of town celebrations, parties and events with what’s left on my vacation leaves. But this year, my leaves are just sitting, waiting to be used and would probably be carried on for next year.

There are really things that we cannot control like this (this whole pandemic actually). And as someone with anxiety, cancelled plans makes me really stressed. So with the coming ‘ber’ months, I decided to make and create some of the things I am looking forward to. Atleast this gives me something to be excited about, something to motivate me and have something I can control.

Also, writing all these stuff up so that i’ll remember what I did during the pandemic 😅

Vlogging, Blogging and Social Media Influencers

What are your thoughts about these?

I am honestly tempted to be one and to do it. I used to be on tumblr blogging, re-blogging and doing other girls the same age as me were doing. But we all know, vlogging is the new thing here (aside from the fame, it becomes a source of income for some) I mean who wouldn’t want to get attention and earning at the side? There is always a feeling that I want to.. but I am shy and not as confident like other girls and moms. Sometimes I get the urge to really push what I would want to show people but at times I get really really sheepish. I feel like my emotional side will not be able to handle if I will hear some negative criticisms about what I do.

youtube_ Instagram_ Facebook_

I have a lot of friends who entered these social media platforms and I truly in awe of how they were able to pursue and succeed on it. I guess, passion will also have to be a part of it. I envy some of them but I feel like vlogging is not for everyone including me. Meanwhile Blogging silently and writing here on my blog gives me a room to vent things out that I can not do on my other social media accounts.. Definitely my online diary that I do not intend to really expose to everyone that I know. Also, I feel like not everyone will like my stories, really. lol.

Recently I have been using Instagram a lot. I think Facebook and Instagram stories gives way for most people to interact with friends and show what their current interests are. For me it serves as memories as well that I would want to look back when I get like really old you know. I like the attention but I doubt if there’s too much attention. For now, I am contented with what makes me happy and that’s just posting what I like.



Call the shots

Time just flew by me and voila! It’s already March. 😊

As much as I want to be consistent in updating this Blog. It is just hard to do. Work has been overwhelming, I am pretty much occupied with the Project that we are working on. How I wish this ends soon but I really do not have any clue on how and when will this end.

January was disappointing, and February is a mix of extremes as well. I am very much concerned and worried about this NCOV-19 Global spread. Numbers of cases keep on adding up daily and it has become the scare of the year already.  We’re suppose to have our first family Out of town this year (July) but I am really scared about this. I’m scared for my son and most especially my parents. I just wish everything will be stable and cases would minimize and recover soon. Let us all pray for this to end.

We also got worried and stressed with how Mason is acting up at school. He’s becoming defiant and won’t even sit still. He keeps on saying No to everything. He follows instructions when its just us but at school, he’s a runner, like really, I mean it. He’s keeps on running and won’t sit down for any activity. He would at times but only when he likes to. His dad and I got really concerned that we had to implement new rules in the house and some changes in how we discipline him.

On a more personal note, February was also a very productive Month for me, and for us. We celebrated Valentines day by eating out as a family and opening our First Joint account. We also opened up MP2 investment and I guess, everything is going according to plan in terms of our plan to save up. I am so proud at how good he is doing in saving and preparing for our plans. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed and hope for the best. I have asked him to follow LAW OF ATTRACTION and we put our Long term Goals on our Refrigerator so we can see it everyday 😊. How do you keep track of your Goals?

And ohhhh I also lost weight by Intermittent Fasting, I actually started late November last year and I tried to follow the plan through December but it was really hard due to the celebrations for Christmas and New year. January came and I still am losing some weight until February (although I am not clean eating, there’s still some sweets and lots of carbs) But I am really in awe that I was able to maintain my current weight which is 50-51kg (From almost 60kg). A lot of my friends also noticed the changes and I plan to clean eat hopefully this Month.

Its only March and we are already progressing with the Financial goals and my Weight Goal.

I hope that this summer, I’ll be able to pursue my plan of learning how to sew and more online learning. I’ll add teaching Mason more as well this summer.

Happy 1 year!

Today is my blog’s First year anniversary, whew! I’ve always wanted to have my own space on the internet, without any spams, and thank goodness I switched to For the past 1 year, this has been my refuge and my platform in which I tell, write and show my feelings, emotions and photos of those memorable things that has happened and still happening in my life. From muffinsfornaiz, sillybluff and finally Studdedthoughts (will probably stick with this one) So glad that I was able to pursue writing and continue updating this blog, even though I have crazy schedules and unplanned errands.

It’s been a year and I’m hoping for more lunatic experiences and keepsakes of my life. I just wish I can update this blog more often and be able to interact with those followers who’s also combating the same things as I do. yiha!

Cheers! 2013!

The pleasure of appreciation

It’s one of those days where you just feel appreciated.

As I said in my entry about Why do I blog?, I don’t usually tell my friends that I blog things about my life and ideas. I did not make this to boast but to enjoy my interest in writing. Eversince I was young, this has always been one of my favorite things to do.. Writing. Most of my friends know this. For me, having a blog like this has always been my favorite past time. I do it for fun and sometimes this helps me to loosen up the negative energies that I feel whenever i´m stressed and feeling off the scene. I especially feel psyched whenever people can relate to me. I think that, it would be really amazing to look back 10 years or more from now and see the changes and decisions that i´ve made in my life through this online blog. I bet it would be comical and so amusing!!

This morning, when my friend Acza, told me that she saw my site and read my posts. It was really overwhelming to know that those persons who are close to you noticed and appreciated your work. As the great Voltaire said, “Appreciation is a wonderful thing, it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well”. She has always been an achiever and sheś really smart, so it really made my day,hearing about her thoughts about me.

Why do I blog?

I started blogging when I first found out about Friendster. lol.

But, even before I started blogging online. I already have a diary where I write everything that happened to me and how I felt about it. Either I’m happy, psyched or sad. I write about it. I started when I was 9 years old.  I guess, that’s just my way of releasing things out of my emotional system. So now that we have the new technologies and my permanship is not really good. I realized that it’s time for me to let go of my notebooks and try writing online. Other people who feels the same way like I do will be able to read it and give me advices or sympathize with me.

Yes, I write almost about everything under the sun.  I remembered when I had a really rough time about my career. I let it all out through my writings. I think, I loved writing about love. Everytime I write about love, it always gives me a really euphoric feeling that I don’t want to get out from. I guess, I’m best when I write about love. I’ll continue to write about love no matter what happens. Sometimes, I write about personal things, my day, my new adventures and the things that made me happy and sad all at the same time. I don’t know why but I don’t really like it when some of my friends or persons I know can read my posts. I prefer those persons that I have no idea about because knowing someone can relate to you is really an encouraging feeling. Especially, knowing that you can reach those other people with your emotions and ideas.  I blog because I  want to capture my life if not through pictures at least through words and emotions. When I write, I become another person.

I can’t really say that I’m a blogger and I don’t want to be called one. I think, not all bloggers are writers. Sometimes, they just blog even though it’s not really making any sense or they blog to bully people online. I think to be called a writer is better than being called a blogger.