Happy 1 year!

Today is my blog’s First year anniversary, whew! I’ve always wanted to have my own space on the internet, without any spams, and thank goodness I switched to WordPress.com. For the past 1 year, this has been my refuge and my platform in which I tell, write and show my feelings, emotions and photos of those memorable things that has happened and still happening in my life. From muffinsfornaiz, sillybluff and finally Studdedthoughts (will probably stick with this one) So glad that I was able to pursue writing and continue updating this blog, even though I have crazy schedules and unplanned errands.

It’s been a year and I’m hoping for more lunatic experiences and keepsakes of my life. I just wish I can update this blog more often and be able to interact with those followers who’s alsoΒ combatingΒ the same things as I do. yiha!

Cheers! 2013!