Worth every penny

As I said, I’m always a fan of thrift stores and whenever I have money, I would make sure that I would visit any thrift store that I know. Last Tuesday, I was on a mission on finding a nice Denim Vest. But, instead I found more than what I wanted!

Since, I’m on my pursuit in finding a new job. I’m really needing a new blazer to use for interviews and other formal occassion.

So, with the help of my friend. I was able to find this:


I was also psyched when I saw a sweater that looks like what Ms. Prieto is wearing here:


photo c/o http://www.itspatriciaprieto.com

I found this!


I almost got it right? It’s only 80 pesos!

And finally, I saw this really awesome Denim polo, which I almost did not buy because I was eyeing another striped polo but good thing, I changed my mind.


It’s really cool! Bought it for only 80 pesos too! What a deal!

I’m excited to use it, got some idea from http://www.thewalkingrecessionista.com


I used to spend too much on clothes and now that I know better, Thanks to thrift stores!

Ciao! Until the next shopping thrift, uh I mean trip! =)

A cooler blue, the trees a deeper green.

I was really feeling blue and I think the weather is on my side. This morning it was raining so hard that hearing the thunder roar and the rain drizzle made me stay on my bed a little longer until I fell asleep again, when I woke up after an hour it was as hot as hell and I can’t even comprehend what the sky is trying to say because, the wind is melting from the sun.

Finally used the shoes that I bought. here. and Biggy’s birthday gift, the body bag.

My blue glittery cardigan, yellow and white stripes top and  almost high waisted skinny jeans are all thrifted. =))

Step on my boots

 Step on my boots

I’ve always loved to have  my own boots. And finally I did, I’m still planning on buying another one.

Philippines is a tropical country so wearing boots is not really common to people. But, nowadays, specially now that it’s rainy season. I think wearing boots will be a habit to some.

On an everyday basis, I like to wear leggings, t-shirts and dolls shoes or maybe boots. Casual, relaxed, simple. I like to be ready just as quickly as my boyfriend. Thats not to say I dont appreciate fashion (I adore fashion!!), but it is not realistic to buy into that everyday.

Bloggers United 3

Today, I went to the Third Bloggers United with Kae. It’s my first time to go there because the last time they held it at Taguig and it was really far from my place. As you know, I like shopping at Thrift stores so I went there and I tried my luck finding a Maong Vest but I failed. However, I really had fun because I met new people and I saw another favorite Fashion Blogger Anastasia Siantar a.k.a The Brown Platform! She flew all the way from Jakarta, Indonesia. She looks like a doll!

Here are the pictures inside the Bazaar.






We came 5pm so most of the good stuffs were gone. Almost all the clothes are branded and they’re sold at a very cheap price.

Here are some of  the booths:

Here we are looking for something to buy..

So since I was not able to buy or see a Maong Vest, I just bought a red

Tank top with laces and a Cardigan for Biggy, so that he can wear it at the office or at work. =)

I loved the freebies too. So there, it was a blast . =)

The hands of the creatively maladjusted.

Nowadays, people are so into fashion and most girls like dressing up. Everyday, especially on the internet we can see girls and also boys who show us on how to dress up showing different styles and in different ways. You can see them on Lookbook or Chictopia. They call themselves Fashionistas, Fashion trendsetter or Style seekers. Probably my favorite fashion blogger/enthusiast is Jessica Tran, she’s from Australia but she looks very asian, her style is really unique and very chic and I love how she writes her blogs.

I like dressing up too and wearing cute dresses and clothes. I really adore Korean’s style of clothing and I’m a big fan of Thrift stores. But, what I love doing most is creating or making dresses and clothes.

I learned how to sew because of my mom. She’s a famous Fashion designer, JUST KIDDING! hehe. Before she became a Public Official she’s into dressmaking and we have a Sewing machine and a lock-stitch machine. So, when I was younger, I always see her sewing but I really had no interest in dressmaking at that time. Little did I know that later on, I will be really hooked on it. I guess, as they said children often acquire the talent or skills of their parents. I think that’s what happened to me.

Right now, I’m still a beginner and I can only make sleeveless tops and garterized skirts. I also know how to alter some clothes or dresses, like what I did here. I like the feeling of seeing the finished product and it’s exciting to wear it knowing that you made it.

Here’s one of the flowy sleeveless tops that I made.

I think sleeveless are really easy to do, you just need a pattern for front and back and follow the pattern direction for putting the front and back of the garment together. Sew everything together according to the pattern.
Read more: How to Make a Shirt Sleeveless 

Here’s the garterized skirt that I made.

It’s hard making this because you have to measure the garter and you have to make sure that it will fit the length of the garment that you already cut out.

I know I still need more practice and effort before I can make real dresses and clothes. But, atleast I already know the basics. That proud feeling that you get whenever you see and wear your creations are already worth it.

“We are all artists in everything we do. Art is creating; it is our link that makes us like god. All you have to do is look at any form of nature to know that god was the greatest artist of all. He gives us beauty in his creations to inspire us to find the artists inside of us. Art isn’t just about painting or sculpture. It is in everything from how you organize your life to how communicate with the world.”

–Bethany Jane Andrews Hoey

Not what I am in search of

Today was supposed to be a job hunting day, but instead it turned out to be a fringe cropped top and a small satchel bag hunting day!

It was out of the plan but since Kae wanted to buy a skirt I accompanied her, however, I was the one who bought many things. Ugh.

I’ve been looking for a top like this since last week but I failed.


I realized, why look for something like this when I can make my own. It’s very easy to do. So, I just bought a white sleeveless top for 50 Pesos. And I took a risk! hehe


Of course, I can’t really cut the lower part unto the belly portion because I don’t have a flat stomach. haha!

Here’s the end result.


And now, I’m thinking of when I can use this. hmm.

As I said, I was also looking for a small satchel bag since my small bag can’t really handle all the things that I bring whenever I go out. I have a big bag, given by my boyfriend but I use that for heavier things and whenever I go to work.

So while looking..

I was thinking of these bags.


But, I found this!


For only, 120 Pesos, I got my self a really cute satchel bag. =)

You can never be overdressed

Since it’s my Birthday..Image

Yes, it’s still my birthday, so please allow me to have a lookbook style photo in here. Lol

This is what I wore today.

I bought this floral satin top for only 50 Pesos, jeggings for just 150 pesos, an owl necklace for 70 Pesos and shoes for 150 Pesos. Talk about dress for less huh?!

The night is not yet done but I had a wonderful day today. My loving boyfriend gave a Secosana Bag. Just what I’ve been thinking! He can read my mind. I swear! hahaha! Cheers!

Vanessa Anne Hudgens


If you’re a close friend of mine, you know that I really love Vanessa Anne Hudgens. I like her music and her perfect face!

But, aside from those things, I definitely like her style! Her style is just being herself but the comfort and the preppy,funk and chic style is still there.

You might always see her wearing skinny jeans, long or sometimes short big or flowy shirts with stylish boots and also nice sweaters.

She also always wears long metallic like necklaces that sometimes enhances the color of the clothes that she’s wearing.

I love it when she’s wearing printed or sometimes plain v-neck shirts and pairs it with tight pants and boots! I just love the sense of comfort that it brings. If you know me, you can always see me in this kind of get up minus the boots. lol

When it comes to dresses, she’s best with classy but fun styles. I would totally wear this one!

I think that her style really matches those girls with not-so-thin physique and petite height. In dressing up, comfort is still the number one priority.