The same old tricks keep generating new thrills.

If you spend more time fighting than laughing together, you need to realize you can find someone better for you. =)


I can’t even remember how many times we already fought and fussed for the same reason in the most absurd way. We always fight, we fight from the simplest reason to the huge ones. We fight whenever we’re hungry, when one of us is late, when we say bad things and when we get jealous (specifically me). But,  everything eventually becomes consigned from oblivion whenever we start to laugh and get silly. We can talk about frivolous things and just laugh at ourselves after. We don’t mind looking like a fool in front of other people as long as we make each other chuckle and convulsed into laughter. We play crazy and childish games and realize that we’re too old for it but still we continue to amuse ourselves. We hit on each other like first time lovers and we never fail to make each other grin and blush afterwards.

Still not sure with the future, but I’m sticking to my gut feeling that we’d still be together, not because we make each other laugh but because we appreciate happiness so much.

Are you under a spell?

I envy those girls who have boyfriends who are very affectionate and they’re not afraid to show that they are proud of their girlfriends especially through online sites like Facebook or Tumblr.  Making their girlfriend’s face their Profile picture and tagging her name almost everyday. I think it’s cute and sweet if they do that on special occasions.

But, when they do it everyday it becomes an annoying obsession. Irritating.