Our “New Normal”

Oh wow its August. Just like that and we are now on our 5th month working from home. Funny how I used to wish for me to have a job where I can work from home and take care of Mason. And look! I am now working from home!! Honestly not the best time for this to happen but this is the new norm now ( I somehow miss our office)

Our new Normal consists of waking up, cooking lunch, watching tv, playing with Mason, Mason’s naptime while I work ( all of these while Bryan is sleeping) late in the afternoon, I’ll have to wake them up and it’s his time to look after Mason while I work. This routine is our weekday schedule but weekend schedule is almost the same except that I dont have any work and I get to sew when Mason is asleep. Everything is repetitive now that I dont really look forward to anything anymore.

There’s too much that is going on outside but we can’t really do anything because of pandemic quarantine guidelines. Everyday that I open my social media accounts, I get devastated with news and this new norm just adds up the tension that I feel. I am sure its just not me who’s getting mentally challenged by this new norm.

Well, I guess I just miss the Old normal when we get excited to go out every weekend, when we can still wear our favorite clothes and socialize with friends and family, when we can eat outside and enjoy the view, when we can still stay out late and not wear any masks or face shields.

Not sure when we’ll have answers to this pandemic but we just have to stick to our new normal now and just hope that at the end of this pandemic we’ll come out stronger both mentally and physically and we’ll never take anything for granted again. 😩

On lockdown

What have you been up to lately?

We are currently on extended community quarantine. Cases have been going up and i dont know until when we’ll be like this. But what I do know is we need to be safe and this is the only way that helps.

There are a lot of things that I am feeling down about for the past few days and in the coming days as we extend this quarantine.

Vacation plans cancelled

Birthday (not cancelled 😂) but celebrations with family will be.

I miss my mom

I miss eating out

I miss shopping

And i just miss everything we used to do. But these are just petty things but still valid feelings.

However, amidst all these cancelled things and plans. I am most thankful for my healthy family. For our jobs that we get to work from home, for our daily food and for all the friends who checks for us from time to time.

Its okay to feel sad, mad or even scared and anxious but dont forget to be grateful and think of the good things that you have while we experience this pandemic.

Aside from being thankful, Ive been distracting my self with a lot of cooking, baking and sometimes sewing DIYs. Maybe I’ll post some here.

How about you? How do you cope with the stress during this pandemic and quarantine?