The hands of the creatively maladjusted.

Nowadays, people are so into fashion and most girls like dressing up. Everyday, especially on the internet we can see girls and also boys who show us on how to dress up showing different styles and in different ways. You can see them on Lookbook or Chictopia. They call themselves Fashionistas, Fashion trendsetter or Style seekers. Probably my favorite fashion blogger/enthusiast is Jessica Tran, she’s from Australia but she looks very asian, her style is really unique and very chic and I love how she writes her blogs.

I like dressing up too and wearing cute dresses and clothes. I really adore Korean’s style of clothing and I’m a big fan of Thrift stores. But, what I love doing most is creating or making dresses and clothes.

I learned how to sew because of my mom. She’s a famous Fashion designer, JUST KIDDING! hehe. Before she became a Public Official she’s into dressmaking and we have a Sewing machine and a lock-stitch machine. So, when I was younger, I always see her sewing but I really had no interest in dressmaking at that time. Little did I know that later on, I will be really hooked on it. I guess, as they said children often acquire the talent or skills of their parents. I think that’s what happened to me.

Right now, I’m still a beginner and I can only make sleeveless tops and garterized skirts. I also know how to alter some clothes or dresses, like what I did here. I like the feeling of seeing the finished product and it’s exciting to wear it knowing that you made it.

Here’s one of the flowy sleeveless tops that I made.

I think sleeveless are really easy to do, you just need a pattern for front and back and follow the pattern direction for putting the front and back of the garment together. Sew everything together according to the pattern.
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Here’s the garterized skirt that I made.

It’s hard making this because you have to measure the garter and you have to make sure that it will fit the length of the garment that you already cut out.

I know I still need more practice and effort before I can make real dresses and clothes. But, atleast I already know the basics. That proud feeling that you get whenever you see and wear your creations are already worth it.

“We are all artists in everything we do. Art is creating; it is our link that makes us like god. All you have to do is look at any form of nature to know that god was the greatest artist of all. He gives us beauty in his creations to inspire us to find the artists inside of us. Art isn’t just about painting or sculpture. It is in everything from how you organize your life to how communicate with the world.”

–Bethany Jane Andrews Hoey