Have at least One Person

I worry for a lot of things. I overthink, I get stress easily and I really get into mess most of the time. But guess what? Surprisingly, I always pull through no matter what. Nope! I don’t have any super powers or not all my stars are invariably aligned but one thing I do know is that I always have One Person to help me.


I think that as a person, it’s important that we identify that we cannot do all things. We’ll never understand everything and not everything will fall into our hands unexpectedly. Most of the time a person gets really depressed is because they always seem to keep it all in a bottle. They seem to  take everything and are afraid to expand their thoughts and share it to others, it could be because they are scared or they think that they can handle it.


But truth is, we will always need someone. It’s a Human Need. I’m not saying that you need everyone but all I’m saying is.. ONE Person is enough. That One person do not really need to help us financially (good if you have one though hehehe!) or physically but that One Person is enough to help you overcome your suffocating thoughts.


Aside from my Partner, I have one person at the office (in times that I feel like office work, my boss or everyone at work is pushing me to my limit) in which I confide to, to help me broaden my thoughts, gather my wits and control my emotions. This person lets me see the other side or putting yourself in that person’s shoes situation.  I have one person who I talk to when my partner and I have a misunderstanding, she listens and gives sensible advices. Simple but it works!


Do you have that ONE person?

Off and away

Today is my last day at work. Yes, I’m doing this entry at work. Yesterday, I bought some cute key chains, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, a ring and I even sew  cute little purses to give to my co workers as a little token of appreciation and also friendship because they helped me get through my everyday life here at work. Not all of my friends know this but I’m a giver than a receiver. I love receiving gifts but I like giving them more.

I know I made a really strong impression to my co workers and even the managers with what I did last time. I really do hope that what happened will serve as a lesson for the teachers to stand up for their selves and most importantly for the management to act lawfully. Aside those matters, what I will surely miss is the friendship that I built with most of the teachers. They have become my refuge while I’m here at the office. I’m glad that somehow, some of them liked me for exactly who I am. I know I had few fights with other teachers (I’m not that kind you know and because I am true to what I feel. =)) but at the end, I was able to crack the wall and form a new friendship with them.

I never thought I would find great people who’s cranky on the outside but sweet and thoughtful on the inside. I will surely miss there spontaneity and their lousiness. But as they said, “Goodbyes doesn’t always mark an ending but also marks the beginning of your life without them.”  I know, I have no choice but to move on. I ended my life here at this company but I’ll not end the friendships that I’ve created.

I’m still not sure what will happen to me but I’m excited for my next job! =)

A farewell is necessary before we can meet again, and meeting again, after moments or a lifetime is certain for those who are friends.