Office Girl

I am currently working as a supervisor (Team lead) at a Healthcare Data/IT KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) company similar to BPOs. I will be turning 5 years soon!

I am actually a B.S Nursing graduate. Yes,  I was able to be a nurse at a hospital and clinic but I guess, it is not really what I wanted. In the first placed, I took up nursing because back then it was so in demand and I really love Science, Biology and other stuff about the human body! haha.

Anyway, aside from being a Nurse, I also had my few years as an Online English Tutor to Koreans. Its was fun while it lasted but I didn’t really find any career growth in that line of work so I decided to resign. When I first started here in my current job, I was surprised as this was a formal setting kind of Job. We need to dress up casual business attire during Mondays to Thursdays and  Friday is our wash day. It’s hard to choose what to wear everyday unlike before as a Nurse we have a Uniform and I will never  run out of clothes!

Well what to wear (smart or business casual and dressdown on Fridays) is just a minor part of working here. But, as days go by, the more I realized how much I like this kind of Job. Like any other work or office work, I had experienced tensions with my co-workers and I was even reported to HR for something that I did not intentionally do, I think I posted this one before. There are also pressures in terms of deliverable, cut offs and deadlines and as a team lead, I get to talk to different kinds of people and need to vary my approach for each person.

Does your job make you happy? (50 questions) Although this is not so much related to my Course, I am very much happy with this Company and with the people I worked with (after all i wouldn’t last for 5 years). If this was asked to me during my first few days or years, I would definitely say No. Time and experience can really do so much and I am currently Happy for sure.

Right now, I am having second thoughts of working from home to be able to look after my son as he grows up and giving up on this work will be definitely hard for me.


A month of Hiatus

Happy Holidays! It’s been more than a month..since I last posted something here on my blog. Last time was still our Pre Anniversary Celebration and for the past month, weeks and days, a lot of things had already happened. Here’s a catch up:

> My mom were able to move fast the result of the last election. She’s currently so busy being a Lola to my one and only niece. We still experience a lot of misunderstanding most specially when it comes to money, but I just don’t want to make an issue out of it. As we know, fighting over money is a big NO NO NO most importantly to your parents and relatives. =(

> My father, as always is still a big nagger. He’s stubborn and hard headed. Arrgh. As you can see we are not a Perfect family, but I atleast want to have a peaceful one. I just wish that he could take time and reflect on how lucky he is to have us instead of pin pointing and making a big deal out of all the small details.

> My boyfriend and I, just had our POST anniv celebration after the 3rd time that we rescheduled it. We went to a beautiful Hideaway somewhere in BATANGAS! It’s the first time that we went snorkeling together! Will post a blog for this soon.

> As we know, TACLOBAN and other Province in the Philippines, like CEBU, BOHOL and the rest of VISAYAS region experienced natural calamities and it left the provinces devastated. A lot of families lost their shelter, food, clothes and most significantly their Loved ones. It was really a tragic moment not only for them but for the whole country. My highschool friends, decided to help by volunteering in the repacking of relief goods at DSWD. We helped for almost 8 hours. It was really exhausting but the fun part is that we were able to Bond and talk to each other again after a long time. It became a mini reunion for us! Well of course, let’s add the wonderful feeling of helping our fellow Filipinos.

> We went to our Company’s year end party. Of course, I Asked my mom to make a dress for me and it was exactly what I wanted! The party was fun but too bad I didnt even win at the raffle. lol

> We got Promoted to PRODUCTION ANALYST from being a DATA MANAGEMENT CODER for 11 months! A really good news for us! Thank God for all the blessings!

Well, for some of the things that happened that I was not able to include here..maybe I would just make a special blog post for them. One blog post is not enough for me to tell all my new experiences and especially the happy times!


Burned up.

It’s been a really hard Monday for me yesterday. A lot of things happened at work and I don’t even know where to start with this blog post. Last week, our Team Leader resigned and this gave all of us a surprise because it was very urgent. Of course, we have no choice but continue with our jobs and work. And now, another member of the team decided to leave the company due to her personal reasons and guess who’s really affected with this? Me! 

Our manager decided that I should go on a training to temporarily replace our team mate. At first, my group mates were bothered by this decision because they thought that I will leave the group and they said that it will have a huge impact for the group’s performance. We talked to our manager and she agreed that everything will just be for a short while. 

I have no choice because they needed someone very urgently and I don’t like to let them down. Anyhow, I feel grateful that they recognize my skills and abilities with my job. I know this will be a burden (because I’ll have to do my task as an RSA member and now also as KFPB) but I know that everything that i’ll be doing now will be worth someday. This will be a big acid test for me. Wish me all the luck! =)

Fine and dandy

Not sure if those are the words that best explains the positive things that’s happening with me and my work.

I miss my old friends, old workmates from EPI and as well as Healthway but I believe that I made the right decision to accept this job.It’s been a long time since I posted something here in my blog and it’s all because I’ve been enjoying my current job, I’m getting along really well with my workmates. I don’t feel any competition or negative things when I’m with them. Our Team Leader is one of my friends , they always make me laugh and I get appreciated a lot.

Sometimes, my male workmates tend to get really annoying. They always notice the things that I’m doing and they also get touchy at time, massaging my back, pinching my face and even my tummy and fats.
It’s really iritating but I try to tolerate them as much as I can. They are still really nice to me though.

Aside from those annoying things, this place is really refreshing. I’m satisfied and I can see myself staying here for a long time. =)

KTV Sunday

After 1 month of planning, finally we were able to get together and spend some time to update each other, especially regarding their work. It’s been 3 weeks since I left my job there and it’s so good to know that they miss me and still think about me. 

They’re still bragging about their work and how the management handles the clinic, I feel really relieved that I made a good decision to leave that job. I keep hearing, negative and   awful things that they are experiencing and I can’t help but remember and feel my past experiences on that place. 

I miss them so much and I miss singing too (a frustrated singer here!), so we decided to go to a KTV bar just near Robinsons. 










Goofy pictures and crazy times. Sisters at heart and partners in crime. =))

Quick post: killing pace

Whew! Everything is in fast track. I just attended our Orientation and I realized that I really don’t have any idea of what I’ll be doing and what kind of job I’m going to have. I ate alone today because I can’t seem to get well or fit in with most of them.  I’ve got a lot to do for these coming weeks and most of them are about my requirements with the company and I don’t know where and what to start. I just can’t believe that I’m at a different company now. It’s just the second day of January and I’m already so tired! Still coughing and my throat is now so scratchy and heavy. I don’t know what to do anymore, antibiotics don’t work. Now trying the old way of gargling lukewarm water with salt!

I just hope that my cough and sorethroat will leave me alone so that I can do my errands as continuously. I am starting to get paranoid again and I really need to get over these pending tasks.

It’s about to end

As the year closes, I’m also closing up another chapter of my life, which is resigning at my current work and moving on to another kind of job. Still not done with the requirements but I hope that everything will turn out fine.

If there’s anything that I’ll miss at my work, it will surely be the friends that I’ve made especially with the newbies like me. I’ve only known them for less than 5 months but I already made an attachment with them. They kept me sane.

Few days ago, we decided to celebrate Jen’s birthday and our (Genesis and I) exit.

It was not that well planned, but we were able to somehow pull it off.





I was the game master that night and we truly had fun. We talked about everything and mostly all about our jobs and experiences at work.

I will surely miss these people. =(

Catching my breath

It’s been so long since I last posted here in my wordpress blog site  I’ve been sick and still sick. For the last two weeks of December, a lot of things has happened already. We had Christmas party at NBC tent and we also had our own Christmas party at a Buffet restaurant. I had my CBC done and found out that I have low hemoglobin and slight increase in wbc, I got really worried because my cough and colds is still so active and I always feel weak and tired, that’s why I went and visited my doctor who gave me various kinds of medicines that made my wallet unhappy. My feet and legs are always in pain whenever I go home, from too much walking and standing. I just feel so exhausted and if I didn’t go to the doctor, I’ll faint again.  

Yesterday, I went to Tagaytay with my boyfriend and we had a hard time with out transportation but at least we made it. On our way home, someone called me through my phone and told me that they’re hiring me for their company. I really had a tough time because they wanted me to start as soon as January 2 and that means I have to pass my resignation letter 15 days before I go. It was difficult, I even caught my self staring blankly through the window of the bus, I’m thinking of what will happen, of what I will do and if this is really what I wanted. It’s difficult to move again to a different career path, a new work and environment. Aside from the fact that I’m really not enjoying the company of those people at my present job, I also really wanted to earn more money because I want to do more things and to give more to my parents especially my mom. I want to study and I want to learn. I have another goal which is to become a Nurse on a passenger ship/ cruise ship , but maybe it can wait and I haven’t even tried applying yet. I just wish I can do all those things in one.

I always feel like I’m running out of time and that I feel old. I don’t know why but, until now, I’m not sure of what I’ll do. I’ll just try and try until I find it out.

Trying for Another shot

Tomorrow, I’ll be having an interview with another company. I’m kind of hesitant because I’m not really sure about the position that I’m applying for. It was a company referred by my College friend and she’s also not sure what positions are open. What I do know, is that, I want to try my luck.

In my recent posts regarding my work, I’ve been ranting and sharing my feelings about my co workers and the way they manage the clinic or company. I’m not happy, I’m just getting used to doing the work and talking to them even though I don’t really want to mingle with them. This is the first time that I’ve met a bunch of people  who’s materialistic, histrionic and plastic (I usually meet one or two, but this time it’s a group of people). I don’t want to be like them or even know more about them. I’m just tired of pretending. I can still remember when I got that job, I was so damn happy, but now, smiling is just a smile, I can’t even show any real emotion. I’m tired.

I’m not sure what will happen tomorrow, of course I’m hoping for a positive remark. If not, then, I will try again and again. I’m open to changes and opportunities. If there’s a better one, I will not hesitate to grab and take that chance, even if it means a turn in my career choice. This time, I’m certain. Wish me luck tomorrow! =)

Make it three!

I’ve been working in my job as a clinic nurse for 3 months now, to be specific, Nov. 1 was the mark of my third month and I must say that I’ve come this far with my eyes closed and my hands clasped. It’s been a difficult 3 months. I lost a few pounds and I’ve had dark circles around my eyes, I really looked old, I feel like I’ve been here for ages!!

There are a lot of things that I’ve experienced and realized for that 3 months, Here are some of them:

> I realized that it’s challenging to work inside the mall. Everyday that I go to work or my break time, I see a lot of new products, discounted gadgets and buffets that I just can’t resist. This is were self control and self limitations comes. Whenever it’s payday, I always make it a point to eat or dine in a fine restaurant or maybe take out a food to satisfy my cravings. This is really compromising my money and as well as body. Whew!

> It’s true that you cannot please everybody, same way that they cannot please you too. There are a lot of people that you will never understand or you will never like no matter what you do. I’ve already mastered the art of faking a smiling or laughing face just to make them feel satisfied. Most of them are kind of weird and moody, and no matter what they do or what you do, I always think that they are irritating and annoying. Good thing, one of my Bestfriends is there or else I’ll be found in a  mental facility.

>Eating alone is not that bad. I don’t feel like eating with most of them. I just eat out with those people whom I’m comfortable being with and when they’re not around, I just usually swift away from the clinic and be lost somewhere in the food court area. I feel quite relieved to eat alone, away from those people that just worsens my stress. That way, I don’t have the need to think of any topic to keep them entertained while eating. 

> Wealthy and educated people don’t usually act the way that they should. Most of them are a bit rude and lacks patience. Sometimes they will yell at you even though you’re not the one to blame and even though you have explained very well their queries and complaints, they still give you the high tone of voice that only your parents can do to you! Yes, they are well-off but that doesn’t give them any license to make you look bad and say inappropriate words to you. Simple and a bit cliche but this is the reality. Money for them is power. 

> Weekends are truly special. When you work in a shifting schedule, sometimes you realized how lucky you are to be given a one day off that’s a Saturday or Sunday. You just want to make use of it in a very productive way like going out with friends or your special someone, or maybe just staying at home watching you fave TV series and movies. 

>It’s nice to wake up early in the morning. Time is so fast during the morning while time is like forever during the afternoon and night. Of course, nobody wants to go home late at night. Be minded that during the night, there are a lot of scary corners in Metro Manila that you have to be alert. 

>I learned and got used to drinking coffee and teas. I never liked coffee but ever since I started working in the clinic, I always feel a bit weak and loss of motivation. I felt like drinking coffee, can actually help me..or maybe not.

> Never bring your stress and sadness at home. Lately, I’ve been so stressed that I even panicked and got paranoid about work and some other things that whenever I go home, I tend to drop the bomb onto my parents and I know that it’s not right. I just lack self restraint.

>Friends always make a way to see you and be with you. I feel so special whenever my friends adjust to my schedule and financial capabilities just to be with me. They are wonderful. Workmates and acquaintances can never suffice your true friends. 

There! I’ve said it all.. or not? I know there are still a lot of things that I want to say but, some of them are lost in my train of thoughts. Maybe, I’ll just add them on my fourth month or maybe sixth month! I’m just keeping my fingers crossed.