Quick post: 2 weeks, Acid test

It’s been exactly 2 weeks since I started with my new work as a Data Management Coder/Medical Coder in Makati. The first few days was really hard because, I don’t know anyone and I can’t seem to fit in. Not because I’m shy or scared but because I can’t start or keep a conversation with them since I was feeling really sick for those first few days. 

I’ve had lots of late and an absent because of my laziness caused by my sickness (plus of course the transportation adjustments that I’m still working on). Now that I’m feeling a lot better, I’m starting to cope up with them and really try to get along. I can say that I feel so much better with this group of people unlike in my previous work, where I act so stiffly and it’s as if I’m more of a robot than a person. 

We’re still having some training regarding our positions and hopefully by February we will be able to do the tasks. =)

Bright Side

Never too old, never too bad, never too late, never too sick to start from scratch once again.

Tomorrow will be my first day at work and I can’t be more nervous and excited to see and to know all about my new job. I was not able to take a rest from my previous work, and now I have to attend to my new work. It’s a bit frustrating and tiring but I have to cope with it. It’s a bit different from my job, which is of course being a nurse but I’m ready to take challenges and risks. 

I’m still not done with all the requirements, especially with the medical exam (I’m a bit scared though, since I’m anemic and still sick from this cough). But, I’m keeping my hopes up that everything will turn out okay, if this is for me, I believe that everything will fall in their right places. 

I expect that i’ll be able to get well with the new people at work and to be able to easily adapt to the environment and my schedule. I can do this! 

Busy bee

Almost thought that this (off) day would not arrive at all. I just had crazy busy 5 days. After the longest week ever (new job!)

I’ve been so busy with work, catching up and learning to cope and adapting to new things, new workplace and with new people. I’m also continuously ranting and raving about it with some of my friends, my mother and my boyfriend.

I don’t know why, but I feel a little pressured and overburdened with the tensions of being a new employee. I feel like I’m competing with my other new co workers and I’m not liking it. Plus the fact that I’m having a hard time getting by with the Senior Nurses. I’m too sensitive with how they see me and how they look at me and because of that it makes me  feel so shy.

I know that, it is normal to feel this way especially that I’m just a new employee and it’s acceptable to make mistakes because there’s still a lot of space to grow and learn. It’s just that, right now, I’m more concerned with how they perceive me as a person and how they look at me physically. Some of my co-workers are a bit snob. Sometimes, I feel like they don’t like me by the way I look and act. I feel so unappreciated and  unwanted. Everything is all about my insecurities again.  =(

In relation to that, I also feel apologetic because I keep on blurting my complains to my boyfriend and I know he’s also having his own issues at work. Boys just have a way of keeping their feelings to themselves, that sometimes I see him as a carefree and stressed free person but in reality he’s not. I know he’s not telling me some of his problems because he doesn’t want me to worry about him. I just hope I can be like him. 

But despite all of that, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed. I know that this will be a very promising year for me, this is an opportunity that I should not waste.  I have that feeling deep down in my stomach. The one that says, “Nothing can stop you.” Just like  what my boyfriend told me, “Focus on work first”. I just need to work harder and everything will follow.