More than just a hobby?

Let’s make it clear

I came across a few posts from the sewing community (on instagram) about being disappointed on some comments about making a living thru sewing and that people keep asking them  to sell this, sell that and make a company out of it etc. Like really, why do people always think that you have to make money when you know how to do this or that? No offense, my mom made a living by sewing before she became a public servant and still accepts customers every now and then. Sewing is a huge part of where I am today.

But, I honestly have the same sentiments, Yes, it can be very encouraging to sew more because people are noticing your skills, and I am sure they do not have any bad intentions in saying this and is just probably in awe and amazed at what you can do. I also receive a lot of comments like this and I know this will happen and I am thankful for these comments btw.

I love sewing and I probably will sew for a long time (of course, cause I am just starting) But I honestly feel a bit of a pressure when people say that I should start selling my makes (btw selling is not my forte). Sewing definitely is my current outlet from all this boredom and stress that I feel from just staying at home and having nothing to go and unwind. I think that having a hobby is really important for everyone during this pandemic, may it be cooking, baking, sports, arts and crafts, collecting or even writing it helps someone to put his or her mind out of stressors. And completing every project gives a huge feeling of satisfaction. Also who wouldn’t want to save money (like really, I am seeing a lot of branded clothes being sold at a higher price and I can do the same style just by buying the price of the fabric!)

I remember I made something for my sister’s shop I was ecstatic at first, the fabrics were so cute. First time i was enjoying it but as I make more with the same pattern I got really tired, doing it doesn’t even feel like a hobby anymore. I just wanted to finish them as soon as possible(good thing though is i am not in a rush, I dont need to chase any timeline so no pressure). Doing the same style multiple times can be a bit frustrating and boring, because you already know the result and it doesn’t even make you feel excited anymore. And it can be scary because you might feel so over with your hobby and a time can come that you don’t even want to do it anymore.

I have nothing Bad about those who make money out of their hobbies, good for them (best of both worlds!) but I think it is not just for everybody.  Although I am not closing my doors into selling some of it someday or really focusing on sewing and making a brand out of it but if that day comes, I think I would really need extra hands to do most of the clothes because I honestly just can’t do all of it (making patterns is one of them haha!) And also selling, marketing them is another story (which I think is the most important thing here!)

Definitely not closing my doors to my friends who would want me to do their clothes on special requests but doing the same clothes for different orders, definitely not now. I am just so happy right now to be learning more about sewing, sharing my makes really makes me satisfied and occupied and I would want to inspire others too(especially those who dreams of also making their own clothes or want to learn sewing).

Let’s see where my sewing will lead me. I am just enjoying everything right now and currently, my mind is on the day where I can finally wear all my me-made clothes outside.