There’s way to happiness

After writing my last post, I cried. Yep! I cried big time! But then, I thought, why the hell would I let go of my happiness? I have my son and he is my Life! I am happy with my son beside me. I go home everyday to see him laugh and crack at my simple peek-a-boo! And as simple as that, he is definitely my bliss!

I decided to list down the things that make me happy, I’ll definitely look at this whenever I feel sad and try as much as possible to do these things everyday (insert hashtag feeling positive!)

  • Spending time, cuddling, kissing and making my son giggle ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Thrift Store Shopping
  • Eating Pizza! (Papa John’s, chicken bacon ranch or yellowcab)
  • Chat time with my Girlfriends/Bffs
  • Watching sunset at the Beach
  • Vacations
  • Staycations
  • Watching movies with subtitles! hehe
  • Reading inspirational Books
  • Sewing, altering clothes
  • Tucking in bed and sleeping while raining outside
  • A good Hair day
  • long hot showers
  • Finding cute Little trinkets
  • Trying a new recipe and the result taste is good!!
  • Freshly painted manicure
  • Listening to good ol’ RNB songs (90 to 00s!)
  • Taking Good Photos or selfies!
  • Helping people
  • Setting a goal and achieving it
  • Receiving Compliments (or giving! hehe)
  • Catching up on reading my favorite blogs
  • Instagram stalking my favorite bloggers
  • New or clean sheets (I’ll buy another one next month!)
  • Making Surprises
  • Attending Birthday Parties
  • Seeing cute Puppies (and my Milo!)
  • Buying new toys or an item for my son
  • Losing weight (working on it! haha)
  • Misty photographs that make me yearn for a place Iโ€m not sure Iโ€™ll ever get to be
  • The date of my birthday
  • The date of my Son’s birthday
  • Catching the clock at 11:11 and using that minute to create magic via wishes
  • When the hanged after laundry clothes are dry
  • Having Original Ideas
  • Making someone Laugh with my corny Jokes
  • Falling asleep with my son beside me.
  • Writing a feel good post on my blog
  • New things!
  • Online Shopping
  • Receiving my parcel and opening the box
  • Being so full, i get sleepy
  • Tasting something incredibly delicious for the first time
  • Finding money you had forgotten about
  • Payday!
  • Drinking the first sip of your favorite beverage
  • Listening to a catchy tune
  • Meeting someone who really cares about you
  • Someone calling who you were just thinking about
  • Eating at a nice restaurant
  • Free food!
  • Wearing a pretty dress or clothes that fits me well
  • Trees and Leaves (Green for days!)
  • Really, really good conversations (without one interrupting another, pure give and take communications)
  • Cards, notepaper, stationary, letters.
  • My list of favorite quotes
  • That feeling when you take off your bra after wearing it for many hours
  • Getting unexpected calls, SMS & emails that makes me feel special to someone.

There’s a lot of things to be happy about, it just shows that Happiness is really a choice. It is true that you can create happiness from even the tiniest and smallest things in life. Can you share yours? ๐Ÿ™‚


Information Overload

I think, I’ll be quite busy these coming days, a lot of things are going on especially when it comes to my new work/job. I get stressed every minute that I’m inside the clinic. I still need more time to get used to the things that we do everyday. Today was my second day and I think, I’m getting along with them slowly. ย I feel a downer every time that I eat alone, I’m still not accustomed to that kind of set up. I usually eat together with a lot of people on my previous work. It will surely test my level of independence.

I have no work tomorrow but I need to fixed some things regarding my ID and certificates. We were also informed that we’re going to have an exam this coming week together with the other new hired and those who’s already in the clinic for months now and I’m really flustered about that because I just have a few days to study and most of the scope of the exam will be about the Doctors and the SOP in the clinic. I envy those who has an idea already, I’m troubled but I’ll take it as a challenge! (They get really thrilled whenever they found out that I used to study in PLM) They obviously think that we are smart people.. uh hmm..ahem..hehe. I have no choice butย to work hardย and study earnestly.

It’s really difficult to study and work at the same time but I have to have an initiative.

โ€œWhen you are asked if you can do a job, tell ’em, ‘Certainly I can!’ Then getย busyย and find out how to do it.โ€

Keeping motivated

I’ve been doing Inspirational/ Motivational typos if that’s what you can call them just recently because I was really bored and I think it keeps me to stay positive from all the career issues that I’ve been having.

Still nothing to do and been sitting in front of the computer all day.

I’ve run out of photos to use so I decided to use the landscape photos taken by Biggy! =)

Tell me what you liked best!







I just hope I can all use these tips and encouragements that I’ve put in the pictures! =))

If you want more you can also visit. bluefluffyclouds.tumblr.comย and follow if you have a tumblr account too!ย =)

Positive Vibes!

I’m really happy with the enormous attention that is being given to me by my friends and family. Nowadays, I noticed that my parents are getting along really well! I’m so glad about that. For two straight months they did not fight! wooh! hehe. My mother and I are learning the “Art of deadma”, so everytime he tries to make a scene we’re just chillin’. It is really helpful. So, less stress about my family. Thank you Lord God.

With my friends, I’m so lucky. Really lucky! They’ve been giving me time and they keep on listening to me. ย  ย Even those people that I don’t really know and talk to everyday! Also those friends of mine who are outside the Philippines. I made new friends and kept my old buddies! I think, if ever I’ll resign to this company, I’ll surely miss these people who’ve been with me for my ups and downs. We may fight but the care for each other is always there. I remembered one of my friends who sent me this message “You can replace people but you can never replace the memories”. I really think it’s true so whatever happens, I really want to treasure everything especially with my friends. Just like Peter pan said: Only happy thoughts! ย I never knew that for a short time some people would care about me sincerely, that’s what makes my heart really melt. People will leave you but those who’ll stay on your side are the ones who are worth keeping. And I got plenty!!!

Someday, I would really want to give back everything that they’ve done for me. I want to throw a huge party and invite all those people who stayed with me for the longest. But for now, I’ll assure them that I’ll make it with a smile. I have no control about anything in my life. So, I’ll just keep my head up and carry on.