Smart Women, Foolish choices

Fortunately, I saw this just days ago while we were cleaning and taking out all the old books, clothes and things of my sister in her room.

I noticed that she really has plenty of books and all of them were almost worn out.

I just picked out some books that I think may be able to survive another reading. hehe.

Smart Women, Foolish Choices: Finding the right men. Avoiding the wrong ones, was published in 1986.

This book is just in time and what I needed for the moment. So far, I’m liking this book. I think this is the first non-novel/story kind of book that I have read.  Fun to read after a break up.

“It is written by two male clinical psychologists Dr. Connell Cowan and Dr. Melvyn Kinder. This book will get you to look at your self-defeating behaviors so you might gain some insight into your “love-defeating” attitudes and stereotypes. These authors tell us why smart women are drawn to the wrong men, and they will tell you how to have realistic expectations for our relationships.”

What I like about this book is that the writers are men and they gave advices for females on what they should do and how to understand men. Unusual huh? In this book, they gave many examples and different situations. For example, this book tells you about 4 basic bad guys to avoid, also how to move on and when to let go.  The book consists of two parts, the first one is about being Foolish, it’s about the wrong choices and decisions women make and how it leads to failure and the second part is about Getting smart, this is where they give advices on the things that you must do and to understand how to manage those foolish choices especially with men and how to find a “Diamond in the rough”.  I particularly love the part where they showed the differences between Longing and Loving — how longing is often misunderstood as Love.

I would totally recommend this especially to those girls who are having a hard time with their personal and relationship status. This will give you a very realistic view on relationships and social ideas.

“But it’s crucial for a woman to realize that she was not simply a respondent in the relationship, but half of the reason for the chemistry. Without her, the magic would not have existed.”

The girls guide to hunting and fishing

When I first saw this book, I thought that this was really about how to catch and get a guy fall in love with a girl. But, it was not what I expected it to be about. It was much better.
I have to say that the cover and title seduced me. But, the story had a different effect on me. I can’t say that I didn’t like it but it was somehow worth reading for me.

“It occurred to me that the quiet in the suburbs had nothing to do with peace.”

The girls guide to hunting and fishing, for me focuses on another identity crisis. It’s about Jane Rosenal and how she worked way from defiant teenager to a reluctant career girl, growing older and getting smarter, Jane maneuvers her way through love, sex, relationships, and the occasional upsides and downturns of the workplace. She reluctantly succumbs to the questionable advice offered in a pop-psych book entitled How to Meet and Marry Mr. Right.
It’s made up of short stories, snapshots of main character’s life. Even though the stories were quick I felt like I got this wonderful portrait of the character Jane.
I think, Melissa Bank uses the cute analogy of “hunting and fishing” to relate to the process of finding oneself and one’s soulmate.
All in all, I was a little confused because some of the thoughts in the stories were not elaborated very well, but the one liners and the ideas knocked me upside the head.

Let the Hunger games begin!

I’m so excited. I hope it’s Monday already! weehhh!

I remember when I first read the Hunger games through Ebook sent by my High school friend even before it became so popular especially in Asia. I was not able to continue reading it because reading through Ebook is really difficult! I mean really! My eyes were always sore. I think the first Ebook that I read was 11 Minutes by Paulo Coelho. It was good but Ebook big NO for me.

Just this month, I started reading The hunger games and I was able to finish it for 2 weeks. I read it every day before I go to sleep.  It was my lullaby. Now, I’m on to Catching Fire and I really hope that  this will be better than The first book so as Mockingjay. I’m really disappointed that I just started reading it nowadays, when I could have read it years ago. I’m really into brutal, thriller, suspense and apocalyptic type of stories so this is one of my fave. But, nothing beats those Zombie infected films and series. I really think that I’m all ready if ever that kind of apocalypse will arise. I want to be the sole survivor and repopulate the world!hahaha. Just kidding!

I really recommend reading this book. I was not able to follow the Harry Potter books and neither Twilight. (I’m not into Vampires! =))) But, I’m really looking forward to finishing the trilogy series of Hunger Games, it is worth my time. Will update after I watch the movie! weehh =)

I’m back.

When I was a child, when me and my sister was still in good terms,  she taught me that I should make Reading as my hobby. She would always buy me books and magazines to read. I was 6 years old when she started buying me books, magazines and even song books. She would save some of her money from school and during weekends we would go to the mall and buy those books that       she likes me to read. when I was 9 years old,

 I could already finish 1 paperback book for kids and after that she would buy me another one.

The first ever book that I read was The baby sitters club book series.

After reading the first book of the series, I guess it really got me hooked on reading because after that I bought another book of that series until I finally decided to change to another kind of book.

Reading can really enhance the imagination and comprehension of a child. I think that’s what happened to me. I think, I became creative, imaginative and a little smart because of reading books.

Another book that my sister bought for me was The tales of a fourth grade Nothing. I can say that it was one of my all time favorite book. It was about a young boy and his family. I guess, many child can relate to his story.

Reading it was fun and very entertaining but there were lessons that you will truly appreciate.

I also bought two more books by Judy Blume. I think she’s a great book writer especially for teens and kids.

I did not stop reading even when I reached High school. I also bought different kinds of magazines where I will be able to answer crosswords and word puzzles.

In Highschool, I felt very happy when I found out that we will have literature class in which we will read different books and make a report about it. I never had troubles making those book reports because I got plenty of books to choose from and I know the stories well that made it very easy for me. My sister prepared me for those kinds of things.

On my second year, they gave us a book in which we should read and discuss at the end of the whole school year. The book was thick and the words used were a bit difficult to understand that I usually check the dictionary for help. But because of that book, I fell in love in reading and I  said to myself that I will read more books like this.

It was the book written by Amy Tan, The Hundred Secret Senses, this time the book was totally different from those books that I started reading. This was a bit deep and complicated.

The story revolves around the story of two sisters: Olivia American and pragmatic, and Kwan, Chinese and mystical, who can converse to the dead.  The book is magical and captivating. It will take you to the past and bring you back to the present.  This book encouraged me to read and read.

After graduation, I went to college and studied Nursing. I stopped reading because of the time and books that I need to read for our major. I found myself watching TV series instead of reading because it’s easier to do since I only had limited time. I’m always in a hurry because of  tons of assignments that they always give us.

I graduated from nursing and I started reading again but only on occasions when I feel like reading.

So, now that I got plenty of time. I want to get back to reading and share it with other people. I want to learn and to gain knowledge from reading. When I read, I can feel the sense of nostalgia and euphoria at the same time. I feel relieved and contented.