More than just a hobby?

Let’s make it clear

I came across a few posts from the sewing community (on instagram) about being disappointed on some comments about making a living thru sewing and that people keep asking them  to sell this, sell that and make a company out of it etc. Like really, why do people always think that you have to make money when you know how to do this or that? No offense, my mom made a living by sewing before she became a public servant and still accepts customers every now and then. Sewing is a huge part of where I am today.

But, I honestly have the same sentiments, Yes, it can be very encouraging to sew more because people are noticing your skills, and I am sure they do not have any bad intentions in saying this and is just probably in awe and amazed at what you can do. I also receive a lot of comments like this and I know this will happen and I am thankful for these comments btw.

I love sewing and I probably will sew for a long time (of course, cause I am just starting) But I honestly feel a bit of a pressure when people say that I should start selling my makes (btw selling is not my forte). Sewing definitely is my current outlet from all this boredom and stress that I feel from just staying at home and having nothing to go and unwind. I think that having a hobby is really important for everyone during this pandemic, may it be cooking, baking, sports, arts and crafts, collecting or even writing it helps someone to put his or her mind out of stressors. And completing every project gives a huge feeling of satisfaction. Also who wouldn’t want to save money (like really, I am seeing a lot of branded clothes being sold at a higher price and I can do the same style just by buying the price of the fabric!)

I remember I made something for my sister’s shop I was ecstatic at first, the fabrics were so cute. First time i was enjoying it but as I make more with the same pattern I got really tired, doing it doesn’t even feel like a hobby anymore. I just wanted to finish them as soon as possible(good thing though is i am not in a rush, I dont need to chase any timeline so no pressure). Doing the same style multiple times can be a bit frustrating and boring, because you already know the result and it doesn’t even make you feel excited anymore. And it can be scary because you might feel so over with your hobby and a time can come that you don’t even want to do it anymore.

I have nothing Bad about those who make money out of their hobbies, good for them (best of both worlds!) but I think it is not just for everybody.  Although I am not closing my doors into selling some of it someday or really focusing on sewing and making a brand out of it but if that day comes, I think I would really need extra hands to do most of the clothes because I honestly just can’t do all of it (making patterns is one of them haha!) And also selling, marketing them is another story (which I think is the most important thing here!)

Definitely not closing my doors to my friends who would want me to do their clothes on special requests but doing the same clothes for different orders, definitely not now. I am just so happy right now to be learning more about sewing, sharing my makes really makes me satisfied and occupied and I would want to inspire others too(especially those who dreams of also making their own clothes or want to learn sewing).

Let’s see where my sewing will lead me. I am just enjoying everything right now and currently, my mind is on the day where I can finally wear all my me-made clothes outside.

This is Sew Naiz

So lately I have decided to pursue my passion for sewing. I also finally started to create some items for my sister’s online shop and I honestly feel so pleased with how things are turning out. There are a lot of sellers and online businesses nowadays and I must say that the hardwork that these bakers, cook, craftsmen etc., put into creating their product is no Joke. The incredible feeling of showing and selling your own handmade products really brings out a sense of accomplishment.


I loveee creating and making things. The end result always makes my heart flutter with excitement. Now I know what it feels to sell or to give something that you worked hard for. The most amazing thing here is that I enjoyed doing it. More on this, Sewing somehow helped me to distract my thoughts from the pressing issues that we see on social media nowadays. It makes me think of what style, design or what to cut and how to cut the fabrics instead of dwelling and making myself anxious over things that I cannot really control. And this is exactly what I need now. No pressure Just doing something that you like.


I also share these creations on my Instagram and Facebook and the amount of chats from friends that I received saying that they also what to learn how to sew is really surprising. Some even bought their own sewing machines and I feel so proud that somehow I get to influence my friends into doing and learning something new and unlocking those skills that they have. When I created my @thisissewnaiz instagram account, I find it a struggle to see girls/women who enjoy creating and sewing like me but as I continue, I am slowly seeing that Sewing is not that underrated.


I still have a long way to go before I become someone as experienced as my Mom but this pandemic is a devastating hole that we all experience now and somehow sewing is one of the things that keeps me out of that hole. This pandemic is really taking its toll with our mental health and any kind of productivity can help but you don’t need to feel any pressure, just do what you feel like doing on your own time.

Anyway, What have you unlocked this Pandemic? Is there something you want to learn and do?

I am sewing again!!

Ever since we moved and started life with our new family, my partner and I have been trying to explore new hobbies that captures our interests. He started on his wood works and cooking while I explored on baking, make-up and cooking. I just can’t believe the amount spent on the baking materials that I bought but ended up not being used at all. Who else? lol.

Since last year my sister has been encouraging me to pursue baking or sewing (so I can sell on her online shop) but I just had no time and I really think baking is not for me! All the measuring that does not seem to match at all and dishes to clean after messing up the kitchen does not make me satisfied. Sorry!

When The pandemic and work from home started, I was occupied for the first 2 months with cooking different dishes, I tried to somehow make myself feel like I’m in a restaurant (except there’s no rest part here haha!). Before the pandemic we used to go out every weekend but now there’s really no place to go. Cooking has become a part of my daily task that does not make me look forward to it anymore. I remembered I started making masks (the current trend due to the pandemic) then next thing I know I was scrolling the internet and found this cute cami top with tie straps. I thought it would be easy to do then I researched her Instagram and found the essentials club! I just love her works and DIYs then boom, I bought all fabrics that I found on Instagram. LOL

I started first week of June and I got obsessed and started creating and making more. I know I needed more practice but my creations are not bad that either (maybe for a beginner?) Even made an instagram account all for my sewing photo drop (@thisissewnaiz). Although this is not something that can be source of my income (for now? Hopefully when I’m good at it then this can be a source of income) I guess this skill will do come in handy when the time comes.

Nevertheless, I am just so stoked that I was able to finally start my sewing journey and eventually clean up my closet and have an all personally sewn wardrobe. Who would have thought that I will be able to relive my forgotten love for sewing? I guess it is never too late to always start a new hobby or unlock a long awaited skill.

What have you been up to lately? Is there any new skills or hobby that you have learned during this pandemic?

Belt them over the head

Back when I was in grade school and highschool, I never wore any kind of headband or head dresses. That time my hair was really like a mophead, so I think, even headbands can’t help me.

But, when my hair grew longer and I started straightening them I also started wearing headbands and bows. And since I know how to sew, I always make my own kinds of headband and turbans and I even planned on selling them. However, I did not push it through. I just make them for personal use.


Animal print head band


Polkadot print headband

All of these are garterized headband.

But this one is easier to make,


You’re just going to cut your garment and  be sure to make it  long (so that you can tie both ends) and sleek, then sew the sides.

Viola! Personalized Headbands. =)

The hands of the creatively maladjusted.

Nowadays, people are so into fashion and most girls like dressing up. Everyday, especially on the internet we can see girls and also boys who show us on how to dress up showing different styles and in different ways. You can see them on Lookbook or Chictopia. They call themselves Fashionistas, Fashion trendsetter or Style seekers. Probably my favorite fashion blogger/enthusiast is Jessica Tran, she’s from Australia but she looks very asian, her style is really unique and very chic and I love how she writes her blogs.

I like dressing up too and wearing cute dresses and clothes. I really adore Korean’s style of clothing and I’m a big fan of Thrift stores. But, what I love doing most is creating or making dresses and clothes.

I learned how to sew because of my mom. She’s a famous Fashion designer, JUST KIDDING! hehe. Before she became a Public Official she’s into dressmaking and we have a Sewing machine and a lock-stitch machine. So, when I was younger, I always see her sewing but I really had no interest in dressmaking at that time. Little did I know that later on, I will be really hooked on it. I guess, as they said children often acquire the talent or skills of their parents. I think that’s what happened to me.

Right now, I’m still a beginner and I can only make sleeveless tops and garterized skirts. I also know how to alter some clothes or dresses, like what I did here. I like the feeling of seeing the finished product and it’s exciting to wear it knowing that you made it.

Here’s one of the flowy sleeveless tops that I made.

I think sleeveless are really easy to do, you just need a pattern for front and back and follow the pattern direction for putting the front and back of the garment together. Sew everything together according to the pattern.
Read more: How to Make a Shirt Sleeveless 

Here’s the garterized skirt that I made.

It’s hard making this because you have to measure the garter and you have to make sure that it will fit the length of the garment that you already cut out.

I know I still need more practice and effort before I can make real dresses and clothes. But, atleast I already know the basics. That proud feeling that you get whenever you see and wear your creations are already worth it.

“We are all artists in everything we do. Art is creating; it is our link that makes us like god. All you have to do is look at any form of nature to know that god was the greatest artist of all. He gives us beauty in his creations to inspire us to find the artists inside of us. Art isn’t just about painting or sculpture. It is in everything from how you organize your life to how communicate with the world.”

–Bethany Jane Andrews Hoey