Update: 04-21-13

I’m not sure if these hormones are causing my current mood swings but aside from the usual schizo type of temper. I’m not feeling well today, I’m currently having difficulty and pain when urinating. I just wish this is just some common UTI and not other kind of serious disease. As I tend to really panic and get paranoid at times.


By the way, I love the weather today, I sipped some orange juice awhile ago (before I felt the disturbing pain) while watching the 3rd season of Awkward. This was supposed to be a very relaxing and peaceful day but then my Kidneys ruined it all. 

Oh well, I’ll just try the water therapy for awhile until it subsides, if not..then I’m going to drink some antibiotics for this. I don’t want to be sick tomorrow. So help me. 

Queasy and wobbly

It’s the second month of the year and yet I’m already rocking my 2nd month with colds and headache. This is the second time that I had colds for this year. Hopefully not again next month and the months coming after. I really hate it when I have colds and cough, most especially colds. It makes my nose really clogged and runny. I hate it. Headache comes after the prolong difficulty of breathing that I experience due to clogged nose. 

I hate this feeling because it makes me really unproductive and lazy at work. How I wish, taking an overdose amount of vitamin C can help. Aside from my colds, I am also taking note of my Acid reflux and my constipation. Arrgh, my body’s going crazy. Oh please, not another visit with my doctor. =( 

Quick post: Under the weather

I did not go to work because I decided to go to the doctor today, to somehow ease my anxiety and to consult regarding my cough, headache, body pain, the lump on my upper left rib and my neck lymph nodes which makes me really paranoid. He gave me new sets of medications which of course made my wallet unhappy, again. 

I still feel sick and exhausted, it’s like a fever that never will come out, I’m actually tired of feeling this and I want to get well already so that I can somehow enjoy my new work and perform well. I have a lot of things to finish and I’ll not be able to do those things with this kind of situation. =(

Quickpost: Get well soon

I’ve been so paranoid and terrified recently because of my cough, lymph nodes in my neck are and my scratchy throat. So, I finally had the guts to go and visit a doctor, went to my previous work and had an appointment with an ENT doctor, my doctor (who is a bit snob) concluded that I have LPR (laryngopharyngeal reflux) or silent reflux, almost all the symptoms and signs that he said are exactly the things that I’ve been experiencing. He gave me medications and ask me to come back again if I have time for an Endoscopy.

I’m feeling relieve that finally, I got an answer after all these times that I’ve been so flaky about it. I still have to pass my medical exam next week, I hope my rbc and wbc are now in their normal level. Hoping for the best!

Quick post: killing pace

Whew! Everything is in fast track. I just attended our Orientation and I realized that I really don’t have any idea of what I’ll be doing and what kind of job I’m going to have. I ate alone today because I can’t seem to get well or fit in with most of them.  I’ve got a lot to do for these coming weeks and most of them are about my requirements with the company and I don’t know where and what to start. I just can’t believe that I’m at a different company now. It’s just the second day of January and I’m already so tired! Still coughing and my throat is now so scratchy and heavy. I don’t know what to do anymore, antibiotics don’t work. Now trying the old way of gargling lukewarm water with salt!

I just hope that my cough and sorethroat will leave me alone so that I can do my errands as continuously. I am starting to get paranoid again and I really need to get over these pending tasks.

Self Health persecution

Have you ever had that feeling like you are sick but  you hope that really not?

Like you feel pain all over your body, stomach ache, back ache, headache and you’re nauseous and no, you’re not making it up, you actually feel all those things but you try to hide it and ignore because you’re too scared to go to the doctor. You’re paranoid that they may find something unusual with you and your body. Like it’s something serious. You’re getting paranoid and try to shake it off at the same time. You’re trying to stay calm but whenever those pain comes by triggering your body again you panic and you experience heart palpitations.

I’ve been experiencing those things lately and I’m just too scared. My profession is Nursing but still I can’t handle my self whenever I’m sick and unhealthy.