Vlogging, Blogging and Social Media Influencers

What are your thoughts about these?

I am honestly tempted to be one and to do it. I used to be on tumblr blogging, re-blogging and doing other girls the same age as me were doing. But we all know, vlogging is the new thing here (aside from the fame, it becomes a source of income for some) I mean who wouldn’t want to get attention and earning at the side? There is always a feeling that I want to.. but I am shy and not as confident like other girls and moms. Sometimes I get the urge to really push what I would want to show people but at times I get really really sheepish. I feel like my emotional side will not be able to handle if I will hear some negative criticisms about what I do.

youtube_ Instagram_ Facebook_

I have a lot of friends who entered these social media platforms and I truly in awe of how they were able to pursue and succeed on it. I guess, passion will also have to be a part of it. I envy some of them but I feel like vlogging is not for everyone including me. Meanwhile Blogging silently and writing here on my blog gives me a room to vent things out that I can not do on my other social media accounts.. Definitely my online diary that I do not intend to really expose to everyone that I know. Also, I feel like not everyone will like my stories, really. lol.

Recently I have been using Instagram a lot. I think Facebook and Instagram stories gives way for most people to interact with friends and show what their current interests are. For me it serves as memories as well that I would want to look back when I get like really old you know. I like the attention but I doubt if there’s too much attention. For now, I am contented with what makes me happy and that’s just posting what I like.