Define Success

What is success for you? We all strive for success but what does it really mean to us when we talk about success?
There can be different notions of success but I guess the most common definition of success is when people see it on the outside. Not just how you look but what you were able to build and achieve over a long period of time.

Most people tag success as someone who is a manager, boss, has a car, a house and lot and someone who is financially wealthy.
Someone who owns somethings expensive, a business or even someone famous.

But lets not forget that we make our own definitions of success, we can also create goals that does not include money or fame. Oftetimes we forget that this is not all and that there is something beyond these statutes, wealth and rewards. Sure there are a lot who aims to be rich or famous but these people usually end up being more miserable because of greed and selfishness.

It is sad to know that we live in a world where someone’s importance is measured in what he or she has achieved in life and not looking into what the person has gone through and what is the genuine goal for this. Honestly, if you define professional achievements, financial wealth and fame as success then you are living in another person’s perspective. This is everywhere, especially on social media, and seeing these posts, alters our mind into thinking and setting up that these is what success looks like.

Success is more than just the money and fame. Success is also when youΒ  stop comparing yourselves to other people. Success happens when you follow your passion. Success can also be overcoming self doubts, saying yes and no to the right things, getting back up after a failure, happiness, getting and giving respect, having time, showing up and even being with someone you love.

Its not bad to aim to be wealthy, famous or be professionally respected, especially if this is how you would want your “success” to be defined like everybody else. But just remember that there are more definitions of success that you can think of and you should not be trapped in a box of these wonders. Look out there and you’ll see that beyond these accolades, what’s more important is what you feel inside. πŸ˜‰

Looking back, I realized that this desire for β€œsuccess” was nothing more than the manifestation of insecurity about my sense of self and place in the world especially as a young adult. And now that I am a parent and older, I can say that my definition of success really changed.
What about you what is your definition of success?