Roller Coaster going 5!

Time is definitely so fast! The last time I checked, we we’re just in College and now we’re working and just Celebrated our 5 years together! Whew!

We were supposed to go Swimming somewhere in Batangas but due to my Monthly visitor, we just have to cancel it and reschedule it. Anyway, we had other plans and it’s to Go to Star City (Sorry, but ugh, it’s been years since I last went there, i can’t even remember how the whole place looks like.) It’s was also our first time to go to an Amusement park(with scary rides) tried rides together (Yeah, You can only do so much in 5 years!). Those deadly and fun rides can also relate to our Relationship during those years. Of course, there were Ups and Downs but it’s all up to both of you on how you will handle the situation and how you work it out together!

We’re not able to try a lot of rides because the lines were always so long and he just doesn’t want to wait. bleh!

We also met one of his College friend in Football and it was really nice to hear old stories and how he was back in College before I met him. ( especially love it whenever he tries to kiss me, look at me or just hold my hands in front of his friends! PDA, I know, but it just feels super sweet!)

All in, it was a very Fun day for me! I enjoyed everything! It was just a very simple Pre Celebration of our 5 years Together but it was another memorable time for us and our Relationship!

Here are some of the Pictures:


Outside, while the sun is still out!




While waiting for our Turn to ride the Vikings!





We also tried the SHOOTING GAME. I am really insisting that I scored higher than him! hahaImage



And oh! he got me a gift!!


What’s inside? A purple matching headphones with him a Letter that I noticed A day before I opened the gift! haha!

Anyway, I really hope we can have more days like this! I know, 5 years is just the beginning, we will have a lot of drawbacks and setbacks but I’m just crossing my fingers that we will make it through and be in the finish line together!

Thank you Lovidubs for that Wonderful day and Thank you for Staying with me always!


Love is growing up

We’re going 4 years and I can’t be happy enough, we still have some issues every now and then, but most of it were just minor ones compared to the old things that we usually fight about.

I can’t believe that we’re going to celebrate another year together. I can still remember the days when he’s fetching me from school and he goes to his favorite computer shop near our University. From the holding hands to our first kiss. I remember the days that I can’t even look him in his eyes just because I was shy and I blush knowing that he was my crush. The days that I used to see him outside playing and doing things that he’s good at. The times that I get easily irritated whenever he talks about his past loves and relationships. I still get jealous though, knowing that I was not his first makes me a bit devastated and resentful. A lot of girls get smitten by him, not because he looks pleasing, but because he talks funny and he knows what a girl wants to hear, I understand it now, it’s because he lives with 3 mad as a hatter girls!

We broke up a lot of times already, early this year was about to be the last time that we’ll see each other. I almost thought that, our time together has reached the limit.  I usually wonder what would happen if we never got back together and the odds were far from our grasp. Maybe, I would still be single until now, keeps on going out with my friends, being happy (but not really) and  works at my new job where I can’t get along with the people, going home stressed and cursing. Work and frustrations about my career will eat me. Or maybe, I’ll meet a new one, so different from him and our silliness will get along well, and I’ll eventually forget about him.  On the other hand, maybe he’s single, works at his new job, a bit baffled but meets new people, a few girls might like him and he’ll keep his charm, befriends them and one of them will surely fall for him and he will too. He’ll have a new one. Or he’ll meet someone that’s totally the opposite of me, he’ll be so in love,  works harder for her and eventually forgets about me. Those would be the typical things that might happen, but we wouldn’t have known because we’re still together, regarding our work and jobs though, they’re currently happening meaning we’re discomfited. lol.

We still have a lot of things to go through, we’re not even halfway there but we’re trying, and trying is not bad. From being my crush, to my lover and now my best friend, I really want to be with him, I hope that he does too. I can’t think of any other boy who’ll make me feel this tingly and intoxicated. Who’ll love my flaws, crazy antics and cracked mind. I just hope that as time goes, we’ll be mature enough to handle the things that’s about to happen individually or as a couple.

Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up.
James A. Baldwin

The same old tricks keep generating new thrills.

If you spend more time fighting than laughing together, you need to realize you can find someone better for you. =)


I can’t even remember how many times we already fought and fussed for the same reason in the most absurd way. We always fight, we fight from the simplest reason to the huge ones. We fight whenever we’re hungry, when one of us is late, when we say bad things and when we get jealous (specifically me). But,  everything eventually becomes consigned from oblivion whenever we start to laugh and get silly. We can talk about frivolous things and just laugh at ourselves after. We don’t mind looking like a fool in front of other people as long as we make each other chuckle and convulsed into laughter. We play crazy and childish games and realize that we’re too old for it but still we continue to amuse ourselves. We hit on each other like first time lovers and we never fail to make each other grin and blush afterwards.

Still not sure with the future, but I’m sticking to my gut feeling that we’d still be together, not because we make each other laugh but because we appreciate happiness so much.

The sparkle in your eyes is as bright as ever

“I don’t pretend to know what love is for everyone, but I can tell you what it is for me; love is knowing all about someone, and still wanting to be with them more than any other person, love is trusting them enough to tell them everything about yourself, including the things you might be ashamed of, love is feeling comfortable and safe with someone, but still getting weak knees when they walk into a room and smile at you.”

Yesterday, we went out with his friends to watch The amazing Spiderman, by the way, that movie was way awesome! It’s was one of those movies that you’ll love watching over and over again. Spiderman has always been my favorite Superhero. I think, this version really captured the quirkiness of the character in the comics! I loved that movie, you better go and watch it. Okay, enough with my review on The amazing Spiderman.

It was also my first time to eat at Kimono Ken. Biggs and I were really surprised because I had no appetite that day, but still I tried to eat the foods. But, before watching the movie, we had a few hours for ourselves to play games and to talk. I’m just so happy that we are still together. I’m happy that our relationship has already grown into a more mature way, I guess. lol.

We did not really celebrate it but this picture already says it all. I know it’s cheesy but that’s the side effect of being in love. right? =))


The first picture of us with his eye glasses. =)

Oh how I love stolen shots!

And here’s a group picture with his friends. They are really nice. Photo credit to Ding. =)

I’m still uncomfortable and nervous around them but I’m sure I’ll get used to talking and seeing them soon.


Fun.- All the pretty girls

This beat, the lyrics, the band and the video are all loaded with tons of cuteness! I can’t help but to post this.

Oh c’mon, what’s a boy to do,
when all the pretty girls can’t measure to you.

Here’s another one from Fun., this song has  been used in several other media or TV series. Glee made a version of this song.

We Are Young” and featuring Janelle Monáe

And their version of Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call me maybe.

They also has a version of Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye  feat. Hayley Williams. It was amazing as well.

I’ve been listening to their songs all day!

You can know more about them on their site.

The pleasure of appreciation

It’s one of those days where you just feel appreciated.

As I said in my entry about Why do I blog?, I don’t usually tell my friends that I blog things about my life and ideas. I did not make this to boast but to enjoy my interest in writing. Eversince I was young, this has always been one of my favorite things to do.. Writing. Most of my friends know this. For me, having a blog like this has always been my favorite past time. I do it for fun and sometimes this helps me to loosen up the negative energies that I feel whenever i´m stressed and feeling off the scene. I especially feel psyched whenever people can relate to me. I think that, it would be really amazing to look back 10 years or more from now and see the changes and decisions that i´ve made in my life through this online blog. I bet it would be comical and so amusing!!

This morning, when my friend Acza, told me that she saw my site and read my posts. It was really overwhelming to know that those persons who are close to you noticed and appreciated your work. As the great Voltaire said, “Appreciation is a wonderful thing, it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well”. She has always been an achiever and sheś really smart, so it really made my day,hearing about her thoughts about me.

First Love

3 years ago. It was around October when  I found out about love. The different kind of love. The kind of love where you feel like you need to share yourself with somebody. For the first time, I opened my heart to someone. I let my guard down. I’ve never felt such kind of belonging since that time. I felt beautiful. I felt appreciated.

When I was a child, I used to wonder about falling in love. I never knew it would feel so good. Giving someone a piece of you, never felt any better. That whenever you see that person happy, you just want to be thankful for all the love around you and add it up with the feeling of being safe and secured. Knowing that you can be who you are, doing things that you like and just being held by that person makes everything perfect just like the clear blue sky. It’s when you already know each others skin and smell.  It’s heart fluttering, when you know that someone will be there and listen to you when it seems like you’re on the edge of the rope. You may experience misunderstandings but at the end of the day, it’s still about you, that person and the love that you have for each other that will matter.  And waiting, waiting is what made even it better. Waiting for that someone and knowing that after the long wait, everything will be all worth it.  That life is easier when you are together, shaking all the problems off and just holding each others hands as you go the way.

I’m just so happy to have experienced being in love and being loved by another person. It was my pleasure to make someone feel so special just like what he made me feel.  I think loving and letting your heart lose control is another way of saying, “I’m not afraid”. And even though that love of mine has decided to go, I think I’ll not stop loving. I will not be hopeless and cynical about love. I’ll wait for love and make sure that it will forever be mine.