Best ones

So yesterday was supposed to be my appoinment with my OB but she had to cancel her clinic yesterday for a close monitoring patient who’s in labor. However, in the afternoon i had a scheduled meet up with my highschool best friends Irene and Michelle, since it was also Irene’s birthday we granted her wish to go to Venice Piazza in Taguig because she wants to see it so much. I’ve never seen it as well only in pictures so we went. 

The structures are well designed just like the Real Grand Canal. Although we still cannot ride the boats, the view were already enough for the time being. Its also good that we went there on a Thursday as it is not overcrowded. 

I took a few candid photos..

Well this one, is not candid because i asked them to walk towards me like im a paparazzi wannabe. lol

It turned out well and legit!haha!

Of course I had a few solo shots.. I don want to waste the view.

My tummy is already showing!

after that we were so hungry we went straight to Resorts World to eat at Ichiba, too bad they’re out  of Ramen, nevertheless we still enjoyed  the food and time together. 



happy birthday chucks! 

Heritage resort

Lo and behold because this post will be All about pictures of our recent day tour at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. Ive been hearing a lot of good feedbacks with this place, so I came to see for myself. The travel time was a bit long and tiring but the view was definitely worth it. 











From what i heard during the tour, this place will cater to all the Apec summit attendees. Im sure they will all be in awe once they see how lovely this place is. 

There are still new and ongoing structures and  looking forward to seeing them when I get back. Im sure I will. 

Solely within the province

If you are really a close friend of mine, you know that my Province is in Roxas city, Capiz. I know, it’s unusual to know someone who’s from Capiz. Here in the Philippines, Capiz is very popular when it comes to seafoods. The abundance of marine life makes Roxas City the “Seafood Capital of the Philippines.”  It is home to one of the richest fishing grounds in the country.

Here’s some pictures from La Plaza de Roxas. It is a park by the sea. This is quite interesting because you can just stroll by the shore of the sea and swim if you want to. It is for free!




I also saw some fishermen


And this cute little boy while he’s indulging himself on the sand.


For most people, it is also known for being popular for having Aswang. The aswang is an inherently evil vampire-like creature and is the subject of a wide variety of myths and stories. But, what they don’t know is that, Capiz has the Biggest Bell in Asia and I was able to see it when I came to our Province last year (After almost 15 years I was able to come back.) for the Interment of my late Grandfather.

Here is the Sta. Monica Church in Pan-ay, Capiz where the largest bell in Asia is kept.


The Largest Bell is located at the topmost part of the church and I got really exhausted because I climb the stairs all the way to the top!



As you can see, I’m already sitting here in this picture because of exhaustion.

But, it was an enduring feeling to see it. Thanks to my cousins showed me around the area.

Ligpo Island

Last year, I went to Ligpo Island in Batangas for a summer getaway with my elementary friends with their University friends. I decided to come with them even though I did not know most of their college friends because I haven’t been to Batangas, it’s for free and it’s an Island. What a deal right? hehe

Here are some of the pictures:



These are the pictures I’ve taken while riding the boat going to the Island



It was also my first time to hold and touch a real starfish (I’m not sure if it’s still alive or not)


And also my first time to snorkle! I was really scared because I don’t know how to swim but my friends guided me.


I should have tied my hair. I know. 

Ligpo Island, Batangas is not that popular because it was also my first time to hear that name. But the Island is truly a nice place, an amazing vacation spot for families and friends.

To know more about it, you can check their site:

My feelings of wanderlust

Since I just moved here at wordpress. I was not able to share about some of the places that I’ve already visited. They’re not too many and mostly just here in the Philippines, but the memories and the scenes are truly breathtaking. I just love every minute of those escapades.

I promised myself that I’ll surely travel more often if I have time and of course money! =))